Golf shirt collars and front loaders

bert76February 20, 2012

Has anybody else who has a front loader noticed how the collars on golf shirts tend to get permanently creased?

This problem didn't happen with our old top loader. I think it's from the high spin speed and the fact that the clothes don't 'float' in the water in a FL. Instead the clothes keep falling on each other, reinforcing the creases.

I try to pull the collars up before I put them in the washer, but it still happens. It's really frustrating to see my husband's work shirts have early demises due to the collars looking so bad. It's even happened to my little boys' dress shirts!

I have started using the 'delicates' cycle because it uses more water and less spin speed.


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Our first-ever FL washer is ten months old, and we have had no problems with golf shirt collars. We live in them during the summer/warm weather, and my DH wears them under sweaters in the winter. Have you tried setting the washer spin speed to "medium"? I think that's where I set ours, but no higher than "high." I dry them on a Normal/Gentle setting for 15 to 20 minutes, then let them finish drying on a rack.

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My husband wears custom dress shirts - I think he has twenty some ... I've washed them for 11 years in a FL machine (first a Frigidaire and then a Miele). I've never had a problem with his collars. I do wash them on the wrinkle free setting now with my Miele so it does spin a little slower.

I've washed his golf shirts too with no issues. I do not spin them on max spin either.

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