paint over laminate?

Molly PhillipsFebruary 4, 2011

We just moved into a new house with a great laundry room. There is a laminate countertop that goes on top of the FL washer/dryer with a laundry sink.

The problem is, I want to paint the laundry room and the color I want to paint it will look terrible with the laminate (for some reason, the laminate is a cool forest green/gray color while the cabinets and tile are more of a warm, orangy tone and I want the paint to go more on the warm side).

Should I paint the laminate? Or would it be as cheap/less hassle to replace the laminate? It's not in bad shape at all but I haven't read a lot of great things about how the paint holds up on laminate and the time it takes to do the process correctly.

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In an area where the laminate will get a lot of use, it is usually a bad idea to paint. It chips and flakes easily with the abuse. You can get relatively cheap laminate to replace it, or another idea could be to use contact adhesive to put another kind of laminate sheeting over it.

Good luck with what ever you try.

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I once painted laminate kitchen cabinets. I used a Benjamin Moore primer for laminate (2 coats), let it dry for several days, then used Behr latex paint, also dried for several days between coats. I think a long cure time is important for painting laminate. It looked good and was very durable. Cheap enough to give it a try before replacing your laminate.

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You might think about putting a top coat of a urethane over the paint - it might help it hold up. I agree though its usually a bad idea to paint a laminate that gets a lot of abuse. Remember you should lightly rough up the surface area before you paint to help it stick!

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