Washer/dryer recommendations?

hartinFebruary 2, 2012

I'm about to remodel my laundry room and buy a new front-loading washer/dryer.

I've always had top-loading washers with questionable success, despite changes in detergent, etc. I think our water is on the hard side. At any rate, I'm looking for a front-loading washer and dryer that can handle frequent, large loads. I have three almost-adult-sized kids and my husband and me. We create a lot of laundry. We wash clothes daily, so I'm looking for energy efficiency and low-water usage if at all possible. If there's a model that would do woolens, too, that would be great.

I'm seduced by the Miele models I saw, and I'm wondering if the German engineering is just the ticket for the punishment we inflict, but I also fear $500 for every slight problem we have, and technicians scratching their heads over the unusual nature of the machine. I hear they seldom break, but when they do, is it a paycheck?

I've heard mixed reviews from friends about Asko in general, and about Maytag/Kenmore/Whirlpool front-loaders. I know to leave the door open...

Suggestions? If you could start all over (and you were in my situation in Dallas), what would you buy?

Thanks for any and all suggestions!

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Do you do all the laundry or does each person do their own? This would be a factor in how large a unit you need. The more you can put in the less loads you will have to do. But the big thing is budget. When you ask about a Miele and then go all the way to a Kenmore you are listing quite a range. As far as the German engineering and the cost to fix take an example of cars. A BMW will cost more for comparable repairs than say a Chevy. Can you afford the difference if you buy a Miele and you do need some kind of unforseen repair? Everyone states the Miele will last longer. But will the difference in price make up for just how many years you get out of a machine? If you finance then you would also need to figure that into your cost. Personally if you want a Miele and can afford it, go for it. Those German engineers do make some awesome stuff.

What I would suggest is that you need to go shopping! If you are looking for something that washes woolens ask to be shown those specific washers. After you have got your selection down to a few different models come back and ask opinions. If you are wanting to wash something large, such as a comforter, take it along and stuff it in the machines.

Unless someone has, for whatever reason, bought an unusual number of washers they can really only give you an opinion on their machine. Have fun shopping.

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Simple is best. Bought WP 3.4 cu top loading machine. (4 people in house, 2 kids), but I do most of washing since wife is in college and wastes more water that Hoover Dam when she does the laundry. Get the extended warranty only 89 dollars and beat the heck out of the machine(s).

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