washing machine, how many amps typically

rickharpFebruary 11, 2009

what is teh range of a typical washing machine in amps it pulls. I am aware the code calls for a 20 amp breaker. but in the motor startups, what or how would i determine what is actual or close. or where would it be in the manual or specs. I understand typical is pretty vague. How about from a $300 washer to a 1300 washer. Thanks in advance.

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Who can really say? I'd just go to an appliance retailer and see what the floor models are rated at - that would have to be somewhat accurate.

Otherwise, the clamp-style of ac ammeters are a lot cheaper than they used to be.

Just out of curiousity, why do you want to know?

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Most specs I have seen in manuals is a 15 amp circuit.

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My LG TROMM w/heater is on 20 ,dryer on 2-30. The 220 dryer plug is also used on my Supra w/d combo.

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