Miele W4840 vs LG WM3885

germicFebruary 24, 2011


My machine has died. need to get new one asap. narrowed it to these 2 choices.

Miele - W4840 - has anti flood feature. 4.0 cubic feet. sales person said would last 20 years. solid construction. less bells and whistles.

LGWM3885 - has steam feature, 4.8 cubic feet, digital display, sales person said less longevity, maybe 10 years.

i do 2-6 loads of wash daily.

LG - so bigger capacity is great. the digital display will help all family members know what features to use for what. that said, i worry will the digital display have more parts that break? my friends like their LGs.

i don't know anyone with Miele. the internet has many people who love and hate both brands. i know bigger capacity is important to me. the steam on the LG dryer sounds like i would use it. but will the Miele be more solid and last longer??? Miele is more money, but both are in my price range, so i'm just trying to get a solid, high capacity unit, with easy use. etc. any advice is most welcome! I wash a lot in cold water, the salesperson showed me how the LG has many ways it spins in cold water to ensure a good clean.

overall, i'm leaning to LG. but not sure. i like to have features but i want it to be solid. is the LG high on repairs? i welcome any advice.


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Hello Germic.

The W4840 is the previous model and is replaced by the W4842 which will be replaced soon also by a slightly modified model.

You should not buy the 4840 unless you are given a big discount.

Whereabouts are you in Canada? There is a Miele set for sale used in the GTA on Kijiji, maybe it's interesting for you?

If you are looking for longevity, Miele is the way to go unless you're very unlucky.

You barely missed a free 10 year warranty promo on the Miele.

Just wait a little bit and most likely a member called livebetter will chime in, she chose the Miele over the LG so she can give you plenty of details.

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2 to 6 loads a day? I doubt you'll get 10 years out of an LG with that kind of work load on it.

Miele is a better choice.


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Yes, the LG is a fine-looking and feature-loaded machine but if you wash that amount of laundry... I'd highly recommend the Miele washer and dryer.

My opinion is that, while LG has all the gadgets and whistles one could imagine, Miele is more about just getting the job done as good as possible. While Miele's advertising is not as exciting to read as LG's, I'm always amazed at how well the washer adapt to each different load of laundry; washing and spinning profiles change all the time, depending on what you're washing - even without 6Motion. The Miele dryer is smaller than the LG one but its reverse-tumbling helps a lot. It's also very fast.

Yes, the ColdWash on the LG is cool but, if you're into washing big loads, you should read that excerpt from the owner's manual about the ColdWash option, which basically states to reduce the load size to 40% of what the washer could hold:

"For high wash efficiency, it is recommended to use less than 8 pounds."


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I hear Miele has a much much better rep for durability and I had an LG fridge and was informed its nearly impossible to get parts or service for any LG appliance, definitly go with the Miele!

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What you need to consider is this. How much is the LG and the Miele? Mieles are known to go 20 years true, but usually at twice the price of other machine So if you buy A LG for half the price and get 10 years out of it,,,whats the loss. Now you can go buy a new and improved model of ANY manufacture...including Miele. I do not see doing 6 loads a day a problem ( are you running a hotel :) ) If you washed consistantly over sized comforters and such, then I might question it. Washer manufactures always come out wit new ideas and so forth, so you havet o decide if you want to obligate yourself to a Miele fo 20 yrs to get your moneys worth out of the machine. Heck, look at people, they buy/lease new cars ever two to three years, bacuse they want to most up to date and modern vehicals.

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I think gates1 makes a good point. Miele is reliable and built very well, so let's assume it will last 20 years. Are you likely to still be using it in 20 years when your neighbors all have voice activated washers & dryers? I'm sure those old fashioned wringers still work, but how many of us use them? We have much better technology now.

I chose Miele because I have great experience with the brand. None of my Miele appliances have ever broken down, and I don't like waiting on repairs and having down time with my appliances. I also felt that Miele brought the most to the table in terms of industry experience. I truly believe Miele wants to be the best, and I like those values. I believe LG's values are elsewhere.

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does anybody know where I can buy a replacement washer seal? mine has a rip in it, not sure how it got there. thank you. I have googled parts for it, but no luck.

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Without question, get the Miele set. Nothing compares, build quality is second to none and the garment care research they conduct is world class. They won't just work well, but they will work well for a long time. Today, anything like this is hard to find.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele laundry Care Vid

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In terms of philosophy lets then acknowledge the remarkable industrial development of South Korea. What they have done in the last 20 years is remarkable. Like their auto and electronics industry they have shown a remarkable commitment to continuing to improve both the technology and the reliability of their appliances. I think their (Samsung and LG) commitment to making quality affordable products is no less admirable than Miele's particularly considering they are decades younger and less experienced.

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Hi ,
have you finally bought a washer/dryer?
I now need to decide about washer/dryer very quickly - Miele has a promotion in Canada till March 31 ,2011 - 1000$ discount on a laundry pair (Miele full size washer / dryer includes the following products: W4802, W4842, T9802 and T9822). So washer W4802 + dryer T9802 will be $2500 +tax(maybe I can get a small discount from a store too).
Does anybody know how many laundry per load in KG this type of a washer can wash? It says 4cu.ft, other models are in KG: like 6kg, 5.5 kg. Their compact models looks nicer than the full size. Are they better in performance too?
Any opinion will be appreciated.

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Miele W48XX machines are 8 kg machines. Keep in mind that most likely Miele will be announcing new machines after expiration of the discount. Companies always do this to clear out the channel inventory ahead of a new product. So if you take the deal, don't kick yourself later when newer models start shipping.

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