My new Bosch Vision 500 review

bigdogmom_paFebruary 7, 2011

Hi all,

I have my 3rd load in process. I'm trying different cycles for each load so I can see what they do and how they work. I will update this review in a week or two if things change.

First of all, the water level seems better than I was picturing. When the machine pauses as it changes direction, you can see the water come up to the level of the seal.

I tried the pause function on this current load (cotton warm) interesting to note that it restarted the timer, so the wash is taking longer than what it said initially. I found this with the dryer as well. In both cases, I paused so that I could check the temps going on in the machines. However, the dryer at the end, made a huge leap downward in time, so the senors seem to be working. the washer however, just extended the wash time portion of the cycle as that is when I paused it. And yes the clothes felt warm, so the heater is working. I will have to call customer service about this as it does not mention that in the manual.

As for rinses. In both the quick full, and the delicate cycle there are 3 rinses. There is a very good spin after the wash portion and between each of the rinses. During the Cotton warm, there were two rinses, both about 10 min each or so. Didn't really time them.

The dryer is not reverse tumble as I had thought, but so far, no tangled clothing and things come out very smooth. Both a dress shirt and a flannel shirt done in different loads just will need a little touch up with the iron. There are no wrinkles.

The quick full cycle stated 45 min to start, but seemed to miss the final spin so it was done in closer to 30 min. I then did a drain an spin to spin it better. Not sure what was up with that and I will try that load again next time when I have lightly soiled clothes and make sure it was just maybe not balanced enough. If it skips it again, I will call about service. While it is nice to get a quick load in, I don't want it to lose the final spin or the drying will take longer.

The dryer seems to work well. As stated, wrinkling for now seems non-existant. I have not done a jeans load yet or sheets. Those two seem most prone to wrinkling and tangling if it's going to happen.

The washer does seem very picky about a good balance for the final spin. Right now it's on it's 4th try with this load, hoping this one takes. That leads me to believe the issue w/the quick load was just that.

Oh and things are coming out of the dryer nice and soft. Only Persil used in the wash, no softener.

Fire away with any questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

Next up Sanitary w/my whites.

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Happy Washing! Glad things are up and running. If you can, post photos when you have time.

Looking forward to reading more. What are you loving the most so far? Extra size?

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covingtoncat - not quite sure how to post photos on this site, but I'll see what I can do. The size is awesome, I am really cutting down on the number of loads.

Everything is coming very clean and soft. And tonight after my sanitize load finished I went to wipe out the boot and there was nothing there. It was damp, sure, but barely and no pooling.

I don't know if I mentioned there is a light in the dryer drum, that is a very nice touch and something I really didn't think about when buying.

My biggest hurtle is going to be finding the right dryer settings. I don't want to fry my clothes, but I want them dry enough to fold. I will figure that one out, that's usually the hardest with any new dryer, at least for me.

So far so good and I'm very pleased w/my purchase.

I did send off an email to CS about the timer reset when using pause on the washer.

Tomorrow is sheets and towels. We will see how they come out and if they ball up.

More to come.

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Yeah! So jealous ... can't wait to be using my new washer soon.

Looking forward to more detail when you've had a chance to use it more. My neighbours have the Bosch and really love it.


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"My biggest hurtle is going to be finding the right dryer settings. I don't want to fry my clothes, but I want them dry enough to fold. I will figure that one out, that's usually the hardest with any new dryer, at least for me." I hear you on that one, still my challenge with the Miele's. Wrinkle situation is getting somewhat better. Mostly comes down to operator error. Onward .....

Glad you are enjoying your new units. Looking forward to more.

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ok, today I did a load of sheets (2 full sets, 1 twin fitted, 1 king flat and 3 pillow cases) Washed well, not to much for the drum to handle in the washer. They did not ball up in the dryer or tangle YEAH!, they were a tad wrinkly, but I don't care w/sheets. I think while the load size was ok for the washer, I think it was a bit much for the dryer. Will adjust in the future.

Then did a load of towels (10 bath, 10 rags, 2 hand) They are currently in the dryer.

Tried the pause again on the washer. I barely tapped the button, doing that it did not add time. I think I must have pressed it too hard/long yesterday. Haven't heard back from CS yet, but it was way late when I sent the email so I didn't expect an answer that quickly.

So today, I did two loads instead of 4. That was nice.

Oh I never mentioned that they are very quiet, can't hear them at all upstairs and very little vibration. It's nice to have some machines that don't walk across the floor.

Covingtoncat - keep up the experimenting w/your dryer, and i will too.

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bigdogmom: Are you the one who bought this washer and dryer used? I must admit I rarely remember an Internet screen name so apologies for asking.

ps: That comment about the machines not walking across the floor made me lol.

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@ Westvillager: I'm the one who bought them used (now discontinued models). Mihai bought the same washer but different dryer new from the Miele outlet store.

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Westvillager - no my set of Bosch are brand new. See the post from Covingtoncat, she bought the used Miele's.

Loving my set so far. Having fun trying the different settings. I think today I will try the steam in the dryer for a couple of sweaters. I'll let you know what I think.

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I have a slightly older Bosch Nexxt 300 Washer, and 500 Dryer. On my washer if I pause it, it backs up a few minutes, but doesn't start the cycle over. However, if the cycle knob is changed to another setting while paused, the machine will start the cycle over from the beginning.

On both the washer and dryer, the time remaining read-out is quite confusing, and seems to be an estimate. Sometimes the washer will read 1 minute remaining, then suddenly it goes to 10, 12, or more minutes. The machine seems to reevaluate the situation, and change its "mind" frequently as to how much more time is needed.

With my dryer, the read-out will always go back to the original amount of time after a pause, However, it soon senses that less time is needed, and the time remaining will change to a shorter duration. I love both machines, and don't pay much attention to the time read-outs.

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Cool. Just wanted to have the right perspective.

Look forward the steam thoughts. I struggle to see the value of that option, but it's just opinion not based on anything I've read or, like, facts.

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I pondered for a looooong time the benefit of steam. In theory it sounds good. If it works as described it would be good.

Although, LG is the only manufacturer that states they use "real" steam as opposed to a spray of hot water. Their machines use a "true steam generator" to produce actual steam.

I almost think steam makes more sense in the washer than the dryer.

LG says this about steam in the washer:
The "Steam" option will add steam to the wash portion of the cycle. This adds several benefits:
1. Steam produces more heat and motion energy than water and steam molecules are smaller than water molecules, so the overall wash performance is enhanced.
2. The bonding capability to a stain is greater, so stain removal can be enhanced as well, whereas the stain option only adds more time to the wash.
3. Another reason for steam is that on the non-sanitary cycles, steam adds sanitizing benefits without the energy consumption. And� steam uses a little less water. How much will vary from depending on load size. This option is not available on all cycles.
What is the temperature range of the steam option?
Maximum temperature, from the nozzle, is approximately 98�C (208.4oF) and ranging from 60�C to 95�C (140oF to 203oF) in others areas of the drum. The temperature closest to the nozzle will be warmer than other areas in the drum.

While at the Miele Gallery last week I enquired about steam. They told me Miele Germany has tested it and don't feel it's of any real benefit to consumers. However, when I mentioned to them that Germany has a Miele with steam they looked surprised. I can't say I believe Miele. They could easily say that as there "rationale" for not doing steam.

Unfortunately the only way to really understand the true benefit of any of these features is to use them.

Looking forward to your update!

Here is a link that might be useful: LG Steam Washer

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I just noticed this new video re: LG steam today. Gosh ... it always looks good. Sure wish I knew if it worked as advertised.

Here is a link that might be useful: LG Steam Washer

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Didn't get the chance to try the steam yet. I only have it in the dryer. I am going to try it today on a few sweaters. I wanted to be able to sit by the machine and watch it work and I could not do that this weekend. I will today though as I want to see how it really works. I'm tossing in a couple of sweaters that were only worn for a few hours each. They just need freshened. If it works as advertised that will be great for keeping my clothing in better shape. I'll let you know.

Oh and I found a setting that works well for my dark clothes in the dryer. I used the Perm Press very dry w/the delicate button pushed. Gave me an estimate of 44 min. Didn't do an actual timing, but the clothes came out perfect.

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ok, tried the steam touch up for a couple of sweaters. Worked awesome. You can see the mist entering the dryer. Basically it is a mist of water and the heat in the dryer turns it to steam. Not sure I'd use it on something that could shrink though since it does use heat.

However, if helps my sweaters to wear longer it will be well worth it.

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I tried something today. I put a white load in on Cotton/hot. Wanted to see what I thought of the 125* wash. I let it run for a few minutes, no longer adding water just tumbling. Well, to me it looked a tad dry in there, and had just added back some estimated time. (original est. 1hr), so I hit the pause/cancel button. Moved the knob to off, then back to cotton/hot and hit the start button. It added a bit more water. Not as much as it does for a fresh load, but a I got a few more cups of water. I wasn't sure if it would add water since all of the sensing stuff. It looked a lot better as it sloshed around. I'm used to FL's and I know it takes very little water, but the couple of extra cups made it seem better. Won't do this every time, but it is nice to know that I can get a little extra water with this simple over ride if I feel it's needed.

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