Heating/Cooling an addition

techrec79July 20, 2014

I just bought a 2 story home with the garage converted to a room. It was never heated or cooled. The current home is 2200 square feet with the addition, 2 stories and has a 2 ton unit in it so it would be undersized to heat/cool the additional space. Current system is 20 year old hydro heat and 10 year old AC central Air and has weak air flow. Would it be more cost effective to replace the whole thing and add the additional duct or buy a mini-split system for the addition? Thanks.

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What is location?

So I understand this garage room has no heat or AC? What size is this room? Room is used regularly? When room was converted, any special insulation improvements made to make room comfortable and liveable?

Mini split HP certainly is a possibility but it won't be cheap. Before I even considered that option, I would want a load calculation made for your home and also determine if your existing heating system has the extra capacity to heat the converted room and if that's even feasible economically.

Do I understand you have a 2 ton AC condenser serving your home less the converted garage room?


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"hydro heat" is radiators or a boiler with a hydro coil and blower? What fuel do you use and what are nat gas and electric rates at your location? What is your climate?

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Well it seems your central Air conditioning system already being used from long time back, did you regularly maintained/ repaired it as this may be the reason behind its low performance.
Also it seems to be as per your current home area your current system is not efficient.
Why don't you ask or take help from the expertise of HVAC?

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