Cleaning travertine/limestone floors

jillypieJanuary 16, 2008

If the search function were working adequately I might be able to find the answer to this question but....

So, to all. what is the best way to clean marble/travertine/limestone kitchen floors? I have been using some products from Stone Care International but I am not satisfied with their effectiveness? There are some etches but also some spots just don't seem to clean up well. TIA,


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Hm.... I don't know anything about stone specialty products, and my marble and travertine floors aren't in the kitchen, but I just use a little plain dishsoap (7th Generation) and warm water with a good string mop. For spots, a rag and a little elbow grease.

Sorry. I'm not sure this is very helpful to you.

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Fori is not pleased

If you have any spare tiles, test your favorite cleaners on them. That's probably the best option.

I have honed travertine on my bathroom floor and use regular cleaners. I didn't install the floor, though, so I don't know what it's been treated with. All I know is we have kids and we had an accident right after moving in and uh...all we had at the time was 409...

I do use much more care with the polished stuff. Glad it's not on the floor around the toilet!

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I use Stone Care Internation to clean my new limestone floors too. Why don't you like their cleaners?

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which product do you use on your floors? I found that it kind of dulled them. I am trying a new one, but I figure you know what you are talking abou, so if you could tell me what and how much and do you rinse etc, it would be great.
How are all the beasties? Did you read my Xmas Eve adventure? If not here is the link-scroll down.

Here is a link that might be useful: Guess Where I Found Paw Prints?

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My floors were just finished and I haven't cleaned them yet. They are dark taupe and honed so I can't tell if they are dirty. I bought Marbalex cleaner. It's pH7 balanced which is the only thing I use with limestone. All of my soap is pH balanced too. I dilute the cleaner but don't rinse it.

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I use Tile Lab cleaner from Home Depot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tile Lab Stone Cleaner and Resealer

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We use Marbalex, too--have since the floor was installed. Just a small am't in a bucket of water is what we were told to use. I was direct ordering it fromSCI, but recently found it at one of the larger BB&B's. No more S/H charges and I get to use my 20% off coupon when I buy it!

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organic_donna - Can you post pictures of your floor? "Can't tell if it's dirty" is my favorite color of floor :)


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This is my new bathroom. The floor tiles, walls and vanity are all the same.

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Donna! I've been waiting to see your new bathroom! I still remember the thread on the way-cool toilet you were considering. Will you be starting a new thread with lots of pics -similar to the thread on your kitchen that caused so much Kitchens Forum buzz? Please do, and provide details! Can't wait to see it.

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I'm about ready to post some pictures. I was wondering if I should put them on the bathroom forum only. What do you think?

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Donna (sorry all for hijacking this thread) - I think you should post your pics on the Bathrooms Forum, but also perhaps post a thread on the Kitchens Forum with a link to let people know that you've posted pics on the Bathrooms Forum. Since your kitchen was so popular, I think the Kitchens Forum people will remember, and want to see your bathroom.

I just saw your message on the Bathrooms Forum about your Kohler Escale toilet. That's too bad. I thought that toilet looked unique and great.

OK. I am done hijacking this thread.

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jilliepie -- I have a 33 x 13 honed limestone tile floor. All we've ever done is mop it with hot water. That's all we do for the tumbled marble floor in the bathroom as well (I have pewter dots in that which are cleaned seperately).

We've lived with marble floors in a few houses in Europe and hot water has always been it. We go over with a dry cloth as well. Microfiber works just fine. Expect the Stone Care products don't hurt, just not sure they're necessary.

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There is a lot of info on the Jonh Bridge Forum. Do a search under travertine cleaning.
P.S. I posted my finished bathroom pictures on the bathroom forum today.

Here is a link that might be useful: cleaning travertine

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