Looking for ideas for article on holiday decorating

Sueb20October 4, 2012

I write a monthly decorating column for our small town local newspaper that comes out once a week. Occasionally they have a special "insert" in the paper with a theme. A couple of weeks ago there was a Fall Home Improvement insert and they asked me to write an article related to that -- I wrote about ways to "warm up" your home (decor-wise) for the cold weather ahead. You know, switch out the linen throw pillows for velvet ones, put a throw blanket on the back of the sofa, using warm colors/accents, blah blah. Well, now they're asking me to write for the holiday special insert and I can't think of what the heck to write about. Holiday decorating... okay, but in what respect? One problem with these articles is that they can only print one photo (and sometimes even the one photo gets cut). Any ideas? I have two weeks to come up with something, and I'm just drawing a blank so far!

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One of the trends this season seems to be small scenes inside lanterns, covered cake stands and cloches. Perhaps you could do a column on how to put one together.

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I like Fun's idea! A trendy idea and maybe a traditioal idea.
And, how about how to make Christmas decorations with things you already have in the house?
Maybe how a Halloween wreath can turn into a Christmas one?
Do your crafts have to be original or can you goodle and pick one?

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Fun is right! The scenes inside covered cake stands this year are really beautiful and would be a great subject to write about. The one's I have seen run about $125.00 so I am sure you could make them cheaper yourself. They really are very elegant and different than anything I have seen lately.

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Well, it's not a crafts column, although maybe I could do something like Fun is suggesting. I'd need to figure if it's the kind of thing I can do without illustrations/photos, which could be tricky.

One idea I had is easy and inexpensive "nondenominational" decorating (not specifically Christmas, just winter/seasonal). Or, getting your house ready for visitors, since so many people have guests for the holidays. You know, setting up the guest room could be part of it...not sure what else. I have no problem writing these articles once I get going, but sometime it's hard to come up with the ideas!

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I like the cloche idea. Can you ask the editor if you can possibly have a picture with this issue? Tell him/her that visuals are very important for Christmas decorating.

If not, then one suggestion to your readers is to add red/green w/ black plaid or tartan for tablecloths and throw pillows.

I put on my red print tablecloth in November for winter decorating, and it just so happens to be Christmasy at the same time, so I can leave it up past Christmas.

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I like your idea of setting up the guest room. Advise like sleeping in the room yourself to see how it is lacking? How to make it special for the holidays with seasonal soaps in the guest bath, or holiday scented diffusers in the guest room?
Hostess destressing techniques? Planning meals ahead and freezing dinners for when guest come? Plan ahead calendar?

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or maybe something specific like decorating the fireplace mantle or doing a tablescape...??

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All good ideas. Hope you will share whatever you write about sue.

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I love the idea of turning Christmas decorating into Winter Decorating and have been trying to practice that the last couple of years. Just don't know how you can get it into one picture.

Just to give you an idea - some of my changes have been:
*My door wreath is just pine with a few cones and a few berries and a red bow. I put it out after Thanksgiving and leave it up until March when I put out a Spring wreath. I think I am going to update the bow to a polk-a-dot!
*One of my vignetes is gold and white with greenery and lights - love to leave it up until the end of January sometimes.
*I like to use red birds, birds nests, berries, pine cones, etc. Just winter items.
*I want to add a brass item or two - a deer, partridge or quail, etc.
*Lots of white/clear lights that brighten things up AFTER Christmas.
*Snowmen and Snowflakes are good winter decorations - but I personally don't like that idea - I just don't like snowmen - they look too Christmasy.

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I just wrote an article based on what Tuesday 2008 said. I'm all for buying things that can be used year round - not just during the holidays. Or changed up and used for both.

I would try to stay away from trendy, as it's found everywhere else.

I like the guest room, winter decorating and non-denominational ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Natural Home Decor

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How about "One Wreath -- Five Ways!"

Or "One Table -- Five Ways!"

In other words -- to take ONE aspect (like a wreath or a table or a mantel) and show how some simple changes can really make a difference ....

If you can only have one photo space -- perhaps the photo editor/desk would allow a collage?

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Great article Allison -you've just given me a blueprint for winter/holiday decorating this year. My friends and I, all fifty-something- are feeling insistent that NO MORE CRAP enters our homes. But your Mother-Nature based ideas are just perfect, thank you!

Sue -how about focusing on where decorating and tradition merges? There are the obvious ones like the traditions surrounding decorating the tree. But there are many others families can start... putting holiday flannel sheets on all the beds in early Dec., pulling out the Christmas dishes in early Dec. and using them through the holidays. Giving Dad and the kids the responsibility for decorating the front yard while mom's inside wrapping gifts. Putting trees up in the kids bedrooms, etc. etc.

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Last year someone posted really beautiful decorations that she made from pine branches, tying them into "wreaths." I don't remember who that was, but they looked spectacular, and they were right in her yard.

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