Tide Pods, anyone?

stbonnerFebruary 29, 2012

Has anybody tried these? I saw them at Costco today and I was tempted to buy some, but wasn't sure I wanted 90 of them since I didn't know anything about them, really.

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I saw them at Target yesterday. Looks like those wacky marketing folks at Proctor and Gamble have been busy - again. They can come up with some very creative ways to get our money. Sorry - I can't tell you if they work. I am a Method girl. Can't stand the scented products. Mystic Forest? Ocean Mist?

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The ad says they're big enough for ALL loads? So a large load gets the same amount of detergent as a small load? Seems like a waste.

That said, I think they'd be great for long camping trips! :-)

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Connie K

There's an interesting article in my local paper today about the process Proctor and Gamble went through to develop this new way to wash out clothes. I won't use them because we have soft water, and I'm sure there is too much detergent in each pod for my use. We couldn't use the dishwasher tablets for the same reason.

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I can see where they could be handy for someone who must wash laundry at a laundromat or apartment/dorm laundry room (or when camping, as someone else mentioned), as they would be so easy to transport -- no concerns about spillage, measuring, etc. But for everyday use at home? No, not interested.

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Wanted to add, Proctor & Gamble are not the first ones to produce a product like this. I don't know who makes Purex, but that company came out with the 'sheets' which were made to be used in the washer and dryer. I have a friend who has used those when traveling in an RV, but she wasn't pleased with their lack of cleaning power.

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Well, it doesn't sound like anyone has tried these yet. I doubt I will - I think I would worry about dosage and also about the plastic pod disintegrating entirely.

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Same dose for ANY size/type of load in ANY machine, at ANY temperature, doubtless with ANY quality or volume of water used? Right.

I suspect they'll sell tons just like the DW pak folks do. Not for me.

No personal experience, but some things a prima facie bogus.

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Does the plastic on the d/w "pods" disintegrate completely? I haven't used them, so I don't know.

I doubt these will sell as well as the d/w pods. JMHO

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I tried one the other day. Got a free sample on my Tide HE bottle. I have a basic GE 3.5 cf FL. I had a full load of towels and socks. Washed on hot. The suds level was fine. Not excessive at all. No overpowering scent either. My only complaint was the items were a bit stiff. I did not add any additional fabric softener or vinegar as I usually do. As many have said I think these have a convenience factor and overall they did a good job.


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Tracey, is anything in the "pods" packet besides detergent? Any additives? I haven't seen this info anywhere.

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Just looked, it says they contain detergent, stain fighters, and brighteners. So my mistake, I thought it contained a softener also. I think these would work just fine for me with some softener.


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Thanks for the info, Tracey.

OP (stbonner), you might be interested in the many reviews I found at the link below.

Also, I know that Target is selling bottles of Tide with a free sample pod attached. I would think that other retailers are doing the same.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tide Pods reviews

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P&G had a similar product in the sixties. They called it Salvo. This is just a resurrection of an old idea.

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And wasn't there something very similar called Rinso in the '60s too? Yes, this is not a brand new idea at all.

I was at the store yesterday and saw them. I might take some with us on vacation to the beach this year. I always wash full loads, so that wouldn't be an issue.

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I recall Rinso being a standard boxed powder, not tablets, although I suppose there could have been tablets of which I'm not aware.

There were Salvo tablets, and Vim tablets.

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@wildchild - I remember those Salvo tablets! Weren't they from the 1960s?

I'll pass on the Tide pods, due to perfume allergy *and* the fact that I have to use such a small amount of detergent with my FL washer and water quality.

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Total laundry junkie and sucker sometimes for new products. I bought a bag a few days ago, and have now used them 4-5 times. Surprisingly, they work well. I actually think they whiten great. I found them to make my day to day clothes feel a little rough, even with softener...but they worked really well on white kitchen towels, white wash cloths and white towels. VERY convenient. Not overly sudsing, rinses well and a VERY faint smell. I would have liked more smell. I have the mystic forest scent. It is a light, herbal clean smell.

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I was skeptical but I will have to admit they work well...

I even love the scent(s)....

Whites are white, brights are bright, and blacks are black.

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I'm sure P&G would like to switch consumers over to the tablet model for laundry, just like they have for dishes.

Just like dishwasher tablets they are expensive and cannot be individually dosed. I'm sure they are a far more profitable product than powders or liquids.

It's kind of a bummer because all of the R&D is going into the dishwasher tablets now...the tablets consistently top the CR ratings, leaving the powders in the dust. If these Pods are successful to any degree, I wouldn't be surprised to see the same thing happen in laundry products.

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Saw these at Costco in Canada too. Not for me. Don't like not being able to dose accordingly. Too happy with my current Miele Care to even want to try anything new (as a total junkie that is really saying something).

I just got back from Buffalo, NY and had to refrain from buying the Seventh Generation 4X liquid - old me would have snatched it up. Although I did buy their new laundry stain remover to try ;)

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Livebetter - Do please let us know how the SG stain remover works!

Hope you had a nice trip to NY...

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@ Livebetter....I am truly impressed at the self control you had, over the 7th Generation 4x liquid. I know you have been dying to try that for some time now.

I never, ever thought I would be one to like these Tide Pods. They are shockingly pretty great. Almost no suds during the wash, whether the laundry load is large or on the smaller side...and the Rinses in my W4842 Miele are very clear. Normally I find P & G products to be very, very strongly scented, but these are very mild. I would honestly, like them to smell a little more. I bought Mystic Forest, and it is clean and almost herbal...a real treat, since most American detergents smell like bubble gum, soda pop and 'enchanted evening breezes'. LOL

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@Larsi, in full disclosure ... Wegmans only had the unscented version. I did put it in my cart and my two friends I travelled with were impressed by its paper package. I carried it to the front of the store before I convinced myself it wouldn't make me any happier than what I'm already enjoying.

IF, however, they had the scented one ... I'm not sure I would have been so strong ... lol. I'm starting to see the 4X pop up here in Canada but only the F&C version.

I noticed that SG has revamped some of their packaging. FS is in a newly designed bottle and labels are new (many feature the Lorax from the movie).

I did buy SG's new laundry stain remover - interesting product. It sprays out like thick foam. Nothing too stained to try it on yet.

I saw a commercial last night for the Tide Pods. The commercial stated they could be used in any size load. I don't get that at all. We all know you can under dose and overdose detergent so what are the pods made of that size is irrelevant or is it just marketing hype that will eventually leave your items stiff and scratchy from too much detergent.

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Tide may have been the first "pods" on the shelves, but they're definitely not the only kids on the block. I was at WM yesterday and saw All pods and Purex pods. Who knows, this may be a new trend. Limited usage for me, perhaps vacation.

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What everyone needs to understand is that eventhough they say you can drop one in the wash, you will also read that two might be needed for larger, heavily soiled loads. There is something similarly worded on Purex, ALL, Tide, and Arm & Hammer.

I recently purchased the A & H, because it came with a "get free with mail-in rebate". On the back,it says, "For heavily soiled loads, use two paks."

I would not normally purchase these single-use, drop-in detergent paks, because they are too expensive. They are better for people who live in dorms or apartments. Carrying a few "paks"/"pods" is much easier than carrying a box or bottle. I said similar when we went through the detergent tablets("tabs") phase.

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I gotta tub of "mystic forest" they clean Ok but the smell is not good. I've read in a number of reviews the it had a herbal scent, well horrible would be a better description.

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"Mystic forest" wouldn't appeal to me anyway.

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I use free and clear washing products whenever possible. I like using my own judgement for detergent, additive and softener (if any) amounts, depending on soiling levels and load levels. premeasured items such as the pods don't fit my needs. for someone schlepping detergent in a dorm, to a laundromat, etc--it sounds like an OK idea, IMO.

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Debbi Branka

I just tried the free Tide pod sample I got in the mail yesterday. I used it in a large load of darks. I like it. Didn't notice a scent, but I like strongly scented stuff.

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I was reluctant to try these because my LG front loading washer has a prewash that is part of every setting it seems. Do the pods not wash out in the prewash?

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I was looking at these Pods at Target today. They look just like taffy candy with their bright colors.

They even sell them in a jar that looks like a candy jar, LOL.

I wonder how long it will take for a lawsuit to happen over a child eating them?

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geguymw said it first - dorms! I bought the 'Dropps' brand (no longer on the shelves, probably bought out) for my freshman college kid and he asked for more. Plus you can bring a package on an airplane since each 'pod' is less than three ounces. So it's good for dorms, apartments, travelers.

For my home use, I'll stick to the big box/bottle of powder/liquid du jour, LOL.

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I have a college student too. He recently took part in a tour which covered several states. A buddy told him about the pods (I think he got Tide), and he said they worked great. This was a huge advantage for him, as they were so much easier to pack and also use at laundromats. He also used Shout Color Catchers so he could wash different colors together. Said everything turned out great, and both traveled well, are very lightweight.

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Tide Pods are even worse than the liquid when it comes to fragrance! It must leave residue on the clothes, because I have a co-worker who comes in and I am instantly overwhlemed with toxic fragrance - tight chest, headache, nausea, all day. The government needs to step in and monitor these "clean" companies. Don't buy it for yourself or others, and be healthy!

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