Do you find the lint filter inside the door creates less mess?

xoxosmomFebruary 27, 2008

I am purchasing a new washer and dryer. I hate the lint mess on top of my current dryer and washer. It has the lint filter on top of the dryer. If I purchase one that has it the door will it be less messy?

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It does make a big difference if you pull the lint off the filter inside the drum before the next load goes in, otherwise if done outside, it is no different from a top mounted lint filter.

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Yes, I think it makes a huge difference. Pulling the filter from inside the dryer or door contains the stuff that flies all over the place. Pulling the filter when it's on top of the dryer means the stuff flies all over the top of the dryer and nearby counters.

80% of the reason I chose the GE Harmony over the Whirlpool Cabrio was because of the location of the lint filter. I really wanted it to be in the door but Cabrio is on top of the dryer.


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I hate top lint filters, the front lint filter is much easier to clean. That is why I own a Cabrio HE washer and a Duet dryer. If you clean the front filter after each load you should never have a problem with lint flying around. And get yourself a lint brush, when you are done for the day use it to clean the area where the filter goes. That will help prevent lint build up in your machine or duct. And to keep things really clean, most machines with front lint filter have a removable panel by the filter. You can take the panel off a couple times a year and vaccum everything out. Much easier than my MIL's machine with the top lint filter. The lint is always jamming in the machine (I'm pretty sure she does not clean it after every load) and flying all over. Ick!

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I've been using Whirlpool-made dryers with top-mounted lint screens since the 1960s. I found long ago that a way around having a dusty dryer top is to pull the filter out with the dryer running ... but get it done quickly so the dryer doesn't run that way for very long (the airflow intake is largely diverted through the filter chute *away* from the heating source) .. and BE CAREFUL so the lint-cake doesn't get sucked off the filter and down into the blower!

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last two dryers have been with filter inside the door, has been much better then the top mounted filter. Seems that is mats together better inside of the door, but it is a much shorter filter length, maybe that has something to do with it.

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Babka NorCal 9b

I've had both kinds. It was never the deciding factor in choosing a dryer. I read somewhere that the top mounted filter is more efficient than the door one. Maybe, just because the top mounted ones are larger??? When you take them out and remove the lint, some of the dusty bits fall either on the floor or on the top of your dryer. You may think the top mounted ones are messier because you see the dust fall on your dryer, but that dust is falling on the floor when you swipe out the door mounted filters, but you just don't see it. I think we are splitting hairs here. Just make sure it is cleaned out before you run each load so your clothes dry faster, using less energy.

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I think the real issue here is that you are probably more likely to clean out the filter after each load when it is inside the door, and sort of 'in your face' when you empty or fill the dryer.... I know when I had mine on top (4 dryers ago, so this is going WAY back in time!) I didn't empty it every load.... it didn't always 'occur' to me... and I was obviously WAY younger then too!

I heard form a salesman many years ago (take it for what a salesman is worth!) that is was better to be in the door as the air comes from the back to the front and then vents around to the back to get out... collecting the lint in one forward pass, while the top mount the air blows in from the back and then exits the back... needing to "turn around" with you clothes... supposedly not as good at catching lint and not as good for quick drying of clothes.... who knows if that is true or makes any sense... but I clearly remember being told that... it was the guy who sold me my Maytag set in 1979, the washer is what I replaced 18 months ago... the dryer was replaced in 1987 when I moved to an area without a gas connection... and had to switch to electric... just added this tidbit becuase he obviously pointed me to a solid machine... so maybe what he said about the dryer had some validity....????

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