Brown/black spots/splotches on clothese after hot cycle

newbie_07February 3, 2013

My front loader Whirlpool Duet Sport washer stains clothes after a cycle that uses hot water. It doesn't happen every time. It happens about 1 out of every 3 loads. It does not happen if I wash using cold water. I am attaching some photos of damaged clothes.

I have changed the hoses in case the rubber was deteriorating.

I have ran several clean cycles. Once I used Affresh. I used bleach several times.

I took the rubber door seal/boot out and cleaned it. It did have a lot of gunk/ mold built up but now it's clean. It is stained but no residue rubs off when I rub it.

I took the back panel off and did not see any oil/grease anywhere.

We use only HE detergent; we do not use any fabric softener.

These are two possible explanations I've come across in chatting with various folks:

- The bearings need to be changed. To me, this doesn't seem likely since the washer is running smoothy and as far as I know, the bearings don't have any grease, etc in them.
- The rubber boot is deteriorating during the hot cycle and it needs to be cleaned. This seems possible. It's really the only explanation I can think of at this time.

Any thoughts?

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My guess is, there is a lot of mold/soap residue buildup on the exterior drum. If you take a flashlight and hold it straight down in the drum holes, you can see the outter drum. I use to check my heater this way in my HE3T, its located on the bottom of the drum. I never had any build up in the 10 yrs I had my washer. I used to wash everything in warm or hot water mainly. It looks like the hot water is breaking up the residue and depositing on your clothes. Try running it on a sanitary cycle with some cascade in it and see if that helps

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I looked through the drum holes and didn't see any residue. As I mentioned, I ran several clean cycles using a variety of cleaners. Thanks to your tip, I know they did a good job.

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For those stains to survive a detergent solution, I think they would have to be quite greasy. My vote is bearings or some kind of lubricant leak inside your machine.

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I have a similar situation but it only happens once every 20 washes or so and it happens on a cold cycle. I am pretty sure it is build-up inside the drum, I have never been completely satisfied with my HE LG front loader. I have switched to Tide HE powder with color-safe bleach and it seems to have helped.

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