Trane Wiring Question

hvac1000July 17, 2011

I have a Trane XV80 and a XL15i connected to a HW Visionpro IAQ. The following connection exist.

HP Furnace EIM

----> O ---> W/O/B

Is this correct?

Other connections below:

HP Furnace EIM

-----> Y ------> Y

-----> W1 ------> W2/AUX

-----> W2 ------> W3/AUX2

-----> R ------> R

-----> G ------> G

-----> C ------> C

There is no connection on Furnace BK interface

There are no connections on EIM DHM 1 or 2

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The wiring looks okay for a dual fuel system, but they haven't set up the dehumidification feature which will lower the blower speed upon a call for dehumidification from the IAQ. This would utilize the BK and DHM 1/2 terminals.

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