Large ventless? VS ventless conversion kit!

tbracFebruary 6, 2012

Hi everyone!

We live in NYC and have a large closet where we can put a washer and ventless dryer. There are water and drains and a 220 hookup for the dryer.

My wife and I REALLY wanted to get a large LG dryer of around 7 (cubic ft) which would fit just fine.. however we see the LARGEST ventless dryer we can seem to find is 4.2 cubic ft! Is this true, is there no one out there that makes a larger ventless dryer?

If so, has anyone experience with the ventless kit's that enable a 'standard vented' dryer to vent into a 'bucket' of water... apparently this works well, just not sure about for a 7 cubic ft dryer, or really what level of humidity are we actually talking about being pumped into the closet!?

Really need a larger dryer instead of doing 4x the loads... seems really wasteful and time consuming.

Would greatly appreciate your help, advice and expertise! The only thing I can say is it is not possible to add a vent... that's all!

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Forget about the bucket - they don't work. If you have no vent then either a washer/dryer or a European-sized condenser dryer is the only option I see. The European dryers handle half of what a large US front loader can handle. So you should either split large loads is half or only wash medium loads to begin with. Venting a large dryer into a closet is not a good idea!


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