Leaking Window Air Conditioner

LeleRanJuly 19, 2011

I have read some other posts about leaking window units into the home and understand the drain could be clogged. However it's 3am and a little dark so I can't investigate that area right now.

It's dripping from right under the bottom of the unit's base...dripping enough that it has soaked my carpet but not pouring off the unit. I just didn't notice this at all!! Ugh.

So another question I have is, could I have had the temp too low for the hot conditions outside? I think this is a silly question but the temps here in MN over the past 3 days have been boarding 100 degrees with extreme humidity. I have been keeping the unit around 74-77 on energy eff. and it has seemed to keep me cool enough. However, when my husband was here (he's been on a work trip for the last week) he likes it cold and we would turn it on full blast at 68 degrees. I'd normally call him to ask but it's 3am and not going hit him with this till morning :)

Is there any way this could be the problem?

Thanks a lot for any responses...I'm a little out of my element here and am sweating!

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More likely the drain holes in the case are clogged up or the unit was not pitched correctly when installed.

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I agree with brickeyee
unit is not draining.

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pitch: not a baseball term. ;-)

It means that the unit should be leaning towards the back so that the water can drain to the rear. This is the normal way to install a window unit. And as suggested, a drain hole may be blocked (by dirt or some multi-legged creature looking for a home).

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