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leo2009July 22, 2010

Hi all,

I'm installing a new system in New Orleans and wanted to get your thoughts on the following configuration. It's a 5-ton split system, qualifies for the tax credit, and is about 20 % cheaper than the competing Carrier quote, just under 10k. I feel very confident in the contractor, who comes highly recommended from knowledgeable friends.

Amana asxc 16 seer a/c

Aspen coil

Amana amv8 furnace

Media Cabinet

Comfortnet control

Any recommended changes or additions? Does this look like a good system?


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not a fan of either Goodman or sister company Amana.

However, I would not want a third party coil like you were quoted.

I have no idea what a ComfortNet Control is. I would want a Honeywell VisionPro IAQ thermostat for the system you are considering.

what kind of media cabinet? Aprilaire or Honeywell with a MERV 10 would be my choice.

Good Luck!

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Thanks, Tigerdunes. A few questions/comments:

I know Goodman has a bad reputation here and elsewhere, but are the upper-end Amana units (ie, not the rebranded Goodmans) really so problematic? People seem to like them and consider them equivalent to other systems. Should I worry about the brand if its a multi-thousand dollar difference?

What are the pitfalls of a third-party coil? Aspen appears to be a respected product and it's what Amana recommends, as I understand it, for their systems to meet the tax-rebate requirements. Is there anything in particular I should be worried about?

The ComfortNet control is Amana/Goodman's version of the Infinity: allows for humidity/fan control, integrated diagnostics, etc. It's a new product, and the newer Amana/Goodman systems are made to work with it.

I'm not sure about the media cabinet. I think a Five-Season one, if that makes sense.

The other quote I'm considering is for a Carrier system--Performance 16-seer, 58CVA Infinity furnace, Carrier coil, infinity control--but it's over $1500 more even after the Carrier rebate. Is the brand difference worth that much, particularly if I feel very good about the Amana installer?


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I see this is an OLD OLD posting....Are you on the boards these days???

leo, did you ever decide between the Amana and Carrier? I am in a similar position, with the Carrier being 1000-2000 more depending on whether the heat pump or a/c is 1-stage or 2 and Infinity or not. Not sure if Carrier is worth it, especially if I'm only getting Infinity on the furnace side. Amana might be worth is for the humidity control and lower price.

I'd like to hear how yours worked out, your prices and price differences and are you happy with your choice. You can just email me if you like so we don't tie up the board over this.

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