Hot Tub rewiring

ajbolitJuly 26, 2014

Cant find the answer anywhere - we just removed our old inground hot tub that was wired with two 30 Amps and one 20 Amps cables (each has 2 hot and 1 "ground" wires). We would like to get new "outside" type hot tub . The problem is - our unit located on the 3rd floor and current wires were placed through the holes drilled in joists back in the 80's. I dont see how can we put new 50 Amp cable since the floor is finished, got plywood and cement layers on top of the joists and would require major remodeling of the condo.
So, is there a way to connect modern hot tub with 2 cables - 30+20 Amps, or is there a hot tub out there that has separate circuitry that can be powered by 2 different cables?
Technically we have total of 80 Amps that coming there and only need 50 Amps, but is there any way to connect those 3 or 2 cables together to provide necessary supply to a newer unit? We were told that we can go with 30 Amps hot tub instead - but wouldnt that effect jets flow?

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May want to try the Wiring Forum.....

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U R right - reposted there

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