Whirlpool Duet, Tangle & rinse problem

mc58February 29, 2008

Hi everyone,

I am back after having my new whirlpool duet FL 9200 for 5 months, I have had such a problem with it, anything that has legs or sleeves get all twisted up, I have tried every different load size, even when I do the 6-8 towels the washer wont ramp up, I have had 3 different techs out here to check it, they cant figure it out, and they say they have never heard or seen such a problem, but they saw for themselves what is happening, they all called WP and have told them that it is something that they cant fix, they have replaced the computer, and the last guy said he is going to replace some motor, but he said that WP told him that it is a care & use problem, it also has a screech noise that it starts to put an F error up and than fixes itself, it has shown F 70, after a few seconds it fixes itself, one time I set the delay wash on 9 hrs, about an hr later, I noticed it had shut itself down, another time I took out clothes and put in dryer, went to reload washer and the power light was on and I couldnt push any other button to start the washer, I had to unplug it. All the electrical problems started after putting in new computer, WP told the tech that it does'nt have an electrical problem, people just start pushing buttons when they see an error, ( I don't touch it), unless it wont ramp up, than I have to stop it to seperate the clothes and put them back in, even all 3 of the techs have had to take out everything and seperate them, I am very frustrated. I had one guy tell me I could put more in than what I had, the other guy said he wouldnt recommend putting in what they recommend, because it will ruin the rubber seal. WP customer service is lying to me, saying that the techs report said that he couldnt get the machine to duplicate problem, but he gave me a receipt that clearly states,"that clothes are tangling,problem can't be resolved". He is still going to put the motor in, but I dont think that is the problem, I think that it could be the slanted drum, does anyone else have this problem?

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Hi MC, I'm sorry you're having such a problem w/ your machine. I actually have a Maytag Epic (supposedly Epics & Duets are twin machines w/ different names) that I had installed in our "new to us" house that we're fixing up. I don't live there yet, but after it got installed I couldn't wait to get my hands on it... LOL. Well, I did a load of jeans & shirts & I had the same tangling problem. Also, one pair of lounge pants had a huge hole ripped in the leg. (I won't say that there wasn't a tiny hole there already, but this machine definitley did most of the damage.) Anyway, even after drying the clothes they were still horribly wrinkled. I don't know if I loaded too many different things in it or what, but I wasn't very happy. I wrote a post here & nobody responded, so I was hoping it was just a fluke. Like I said though, that is the only load I've washed in it, so I can't say this is a regular thing. Good luck!

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we have a kenmore oasis, clothes come out tangle and wrapped around each other all the time, I just associate that with them getting a whole lot of water wrung out of them during the spin cycle. I could power down the spin cycle but choose to leave it on high, yes some clothes come out of the dryer wrinkled (my wife's, not mine). I'm figureing that is what they mean when they say less drying time.

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I've never been able to understand why people so often think that spin speed has anything to do with causing clothes to tangle. Wrinkle, yes. Tangle, no. When spinning, clothes are pressed stationary against the drum, they don't move or flop around. Any tangling that's present would have happened during the washing phase of the cycle, and or during the balance/distribute process, *before* full-fledged spinning occurs.

mc58, replacing the computer board and motor on your Duet is highly unlikely to have any effect on reducing tangling.

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I have a bosch, which has a 'tilted' drum... I have only noticed what I'll call "unacceptable" tangling when...

... I just grab a pile of clothes and stuff them inthe drum
... I do a load that is almost entirely pants
... I over fill the machine

I have found if I take the time to quasi fold the clothes for a load into a 'pile' and then pick up said pile and set it in the drum it makes a world of difference in the load. Since I go through to make sure all zippers are done up to reduce the chance of 'tears' fromzipper teeth, it really doesn't take that much extra time to do this.... it's not part of my 'normal' sort and pile routine...

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oops... that was suppose to say it is NOW part of my normal sort and pile routine!!!!!

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on the tangling, maybe its more that the oasis has no agitator, never had this much tangling before with machine that had agitator in it, either way, its not a big deal for me, although some of them tangles become knots,,

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Thanks for all your response,
MC HUDD I'm sorry to hear that your washer is having same issues, does your machine have the tilted drum? I havn't had the issue of tearing anything yet. I would definately contact where you purchased it, good luck to you.
I agree with DADOES the spinning isnt doing it, when the techs have watched it with me, you can see them get tangled when tumbling, they cant figure out why? I feel that its the tilted drum, because my frigidaire FL did'nt have that problem, and when they are all tangled up they cant rinse all the soap out, so I have to seperate them and put them thru the rinse & spin a couple times. I also agree that putting in a new computer and motor is not going to fix the problem.
CTBOSOX, I have noticed that when they are all tangle up they dont rinse right, if I dont do extra rinses, they take 80- 120 minutes to dry, I have a whirlpool dryer that is only 2 years old, not a problem.
PLUMBLY22, I also am very careful loading, putting things in 1 at a time, doing zippers up, buttons too ,turning them inside out, and I mix the sizes of items, I never put just pants, I add shirts, socks etc. During tumbling it turns everything right side out, except jeans, that is why the techs cant figure it out, they also told me that I can put alot more in it than what I had, I did a load the other day, with 4 jeans, 4 shirts, 5 pr socks, same result. I have tryed smaller loads than that, also larger loads, no difference. Maybe I should have bought a different brand?? but what machine does'nt do it? I have tryed so many different ways to not have the problem, the only thing that I can wash without a problem are a couple of king sheets, pillow cases, and a couple hand towels. I dont know, maybe I should just bury it in the backyard :(

Thanks again, I still think its the tilted drum? what do you think?

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gee... the bosch has the tileted drum, and my biggest headache is with my king sheets... basically I fold those and then uput them in the washer almost looking like they would go into the closet:( but that has stopped the tangling of them...

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MC~ Yes, mine does have the tilted drum. I haven't washed sheets or towels in it yet... Can't wait to see the outcome of those! I am going to try the "fold" tip next time I do a load... I did just throw the clothes in there, so maybe that's my problem. Anyway, hope you get your problem solved. :)

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