loud grinding noise in house

helpwithhouseJuly 4, 2014

Help I can't sleep! Loud noise coming from living room corner. Outside there is a vent sounds like it's coming from there. Near it is a pipe and ac unit which doesn't work
Noise is drowning out window ac unit.Sounds like a loud garbage disposal or washing machine. How do I make it stop

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Goodness! Could the AC unit have come back to "life" so to speak? Can you turn off the breaker to it to see if that is the problem?

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Did that, still making noise. Could it be an underground pipe?

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What was it?

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You will need your sleep before meeting this head on so I suggest having your mother spend the night to make it stop. Sooner or later mom will have to return to her routine and there is a chance it will return. If it returns,just go sit at the kitchen table and invite the unseen tormenters to join you to discuss their greivance. Above all else,do not move about the house looking at and feeling of things in atempts to narrow it down. That will only upset them farthur by trying to apply logic and brushing them aside. If by accident you see or feel an obivous elemet contributing to the noise,do not reveal that information to third parties while asking advice. Doing so will only insult the spirits. Just be presistant in asking them to vist and discuss the situation. BTW,asking mom to be on stand-by is always a good plan to fall back on if required.

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Say what? lol

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