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drewrockshardJuly 16, 2011

I've done plenty of research on this issue and nothing really matches what I'm experiencing.

We are renting, and we've included our Landowners maintenance team in contact. The current setup is that we have two different A/C units. One for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. I don't know the specifics, however, they appear to be about the same size (height and width), however, they are two different brands.

First I wanted you guys to know part of the issue I'm running into and what our maintenance team has done.

It started getting pretty hot around here (Dallas, TX). We are in the 100-105 range now. I called our maintenance team as the upstairs AC wouldn't cool the house down at all, and would just run. They stated that the upstairs AC unit was low on freon. So, that was that and it worked a bit longer, and then about 3-4 weeks later, maybe about a month, it happened again. So we had them come out again, and they stated that the same unit was low on freon again. So they added a freon and an add-on that they said would help "fill" in any leaks and such. So, after a few hours, same issue. This was the weekend though, so we had to wait a few days and then they came out and stated that the compressor was fried and they replaced the compressor.

Again, like I said, we are renting so this is everything they are having to pay for.

So that's my issue, however, I've made some notes.

The Issue: The daily temperature is around 100 degrees (give, but no take). The downstairs is maintainable, meaning that if we set it for 75 degrees, it turns on when it gets hotter, brings down the temperature, turns of, and repeats. The LED thermostat is located in an open room, our office. The upstairs, however does not maintain the temperature whatsoever. Upstairs is the issue. If we set the temperature to 75 degrees upstairs, the system NEVER turns off and is never under 80 degrees upstairs. The LED thermostat is upstairs in the hallway. The hallway has no vents in it. It is somewhat (probably 2-4 degrees) difference in the rooms than the hallway.

Is there something I could look into to resolve this issue? I have no idea what the attic looks like (insulation, fans, etc). I feel partially that the fact that the thermostat upstairs being in a room that has no airflow or vent is causing there to be an "imbalance" of temperature, which is making the termostat believe that it's never cooling off (since the hallway stairs a particular degrees). This is really starting to cause us a lot of money in regards to the energy bill.

Any comments are appreciated.



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Not sure if you have a bad unit, or poor design, or something else going on.
It may be that your upstairs unit is doing so little that the downstairs unit is doing double-duty. Since you are a renter, you can't do much unless the unit actually konks out.

if the upstairs TStat is getting false temp readings due to its location, then see if keeping the doors open upstairs will remedy this.

Here are some free coping ideas:

1-make sure to have clean "furnace" filters in both units
2-make sure that the outdoor units are clean looking. (not covered with leaves, cotton wood debris, blocked by too-close shrubbery, etc)
3- keep shades/drapes closed as much as possible, especially on east/west windows.
4- you didn't say if there are skylights on your second floor. if there are, you might consider covering over with some cardboard inside at least for the next 2-3 weeks when it's crazy-hot outside
5-keep bedroom doors open upstairs to maximize air circulation
6-run the exhaust fans when showering, or cooking (turn off when finished showering or cooking!!)

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