Washer pedestal install

finnpondFebruary 19, 2012

Can I tip the Duet washer on its back to install a 15 inch pedestal without the packing bolts that are used to keep the tub in place during shipment? Don't have the bolts and I hear they are not easily re-installed after removal.

Thanks, Dave

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call the toll free number to get the proper answer, Dave.

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Called the Whirlpool tech line and they advised not to tip the washer as it may make it out of balance... Reinstalling the shipping bolts was also not advised... Lifting it onto the pedestal then bolting it together was the suggested procedure to follow... Going to need some muscle help to accomplish that.


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Silly. I reinstalled the bolts on my Duet and transported it 10 miles from my old house to the new one. It was on its side in the trunk of the car - no problems what so ever.

Open up the top of the washer and stuff some blankets or pillows in between the tub and cabinet, if you have lost the bolts. Then carefully lay the washer its side. No need for the bolts unless you want to throw the washer down the stairs... ;-)

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Took off the top and stuffed styrofoam around tub, installed pedestal and all is well... No problems with balance.

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