Can a Laundry be 54" wide (including trim)?

Holly321February 3, 2013

Is it possible to fit a very tiny laundry/mudroom in a space that currently measures 54" (baseboard-to-baseboard, floor) by 126"? This narrow rectangular space lies between a secondary entrance and a kitchen. It is currently a 3/4 bath but would be a useful spot for a family landing zone & laundry. Can anyone with ideas for floorplans please post? Or if you've renovated, please share pics.
Many Thanks in Advance!

Edited to add: This laundry should not contain stackable units, rather large capacity top loaders.

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the compact european style washer and dryers could certainly fit in that foot print since they're typically 24" wide.

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I'm thinking more like 27" each (Amana)

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You might have to remove the baseboards on either side of the machines, then it might work. What do your machines measure width wise? Sounds like you have plenty of space to put the machines on one side, the drop zone on the other and still have a spacious walkway (Note: I'm guessing the machines are being placed between the walls on the 54" wall side by side and there is 126" between the 54" walls.)

If you were planning on the machines going on the 126" wall, it will be a tight walkway. A drawing of the space would help.

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I am going through the same motions, LOL.

I'd rather replace the baseboards with think planks to fit the 54" wall than put the W&D on the longer wall.

Pay attention to manufacturer's dimensions with doors open, they are usually 50"-51". My W&D are in a tight space and I have to step around just to get the laundry in and out.

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Mydreamhome, that is exactly what I would *like* to do, but I'm not sure that I won't come up like 1" too short. Maybe short even if drywall as well as trim were removed (!) I really like these appliances and I don't want to change models. Looking at Amana's detail page, these are the measurements I see:
Washer: width 26 7/8" (68.3); depth 29 1/2 (74.9) including drain hose
Dryer: width 26 7âÂÂ8 (68.3); depth (but does not incl. ductwork venting) 28 (71.1); dryer door clearance 23 1âÂÂ2 (59.7)

Now in this document, I'm looking at Closet Installation Guidelines. It looks to me that this says no clearance required side-to-side (0"), but 2" are required in front of the machines. And that's all I see regarding clearances.
So, Thank you for responding, and what would you do?

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If the space measured wall to wall (not baseboard to baseboard) indicates the machines will fit, I'd go for it.

Another important question is will the machines be out in the open all the time or are you planning to put in doors to cover them up? Doors may be an issue if so as the door casing will take up valuable inches making getting the machines in and out virtually impossible without removing the casing & doors.

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