Can I stack a He4t dryer on a different brand washer?

hearonhouseFebruary 2, 2011

My horrible Kenmore He4t finally has died and I will not waste anymore time fixing it. Because it is stacked, each repair has been a major pain. In the four years we have had it, I have had a least 3 major repairs on it. The extended warranty finally expired last October and I didn't want to renew. So even though every major part has been replaced on this machine, it started sounding like a jet plane taking off last week. Water all over the floor this morning. So with four kids and 5 loads of laundry done each day ( sports and animals make things dirty), I need something quick. Our dryer works fine so I really don't want to buy a new pair. I would love a Miele but cannot justify that much right now. I am looking at the basic LG on sale at BestBuy for just under $500. Can I stack my Kenmore on top? Any suggestions other than the LG? We live in a major metroplex so I am not fearing the repair problems that I have read about. Many thanks!

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You will have to measure to make sure the feet of the dryer will fit on the LG. Then you will have to come up with your own stacking apparatus.

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Well I called Sears and was so well reminded why I will never buy from them again. The person refered me to the installation department to find out if the LG would work since they have all the dimensions. The very impatient person who answered told me that she could not find out and certainly would not be bothered to ask a installation person. Since both appliances have the same measurements and the feet line up, it just seems to make sense that I should not have to buy a dryer just to match. But maybe that would be logical and we are talking about Sears...

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When you buy a matched stacked set there is a stacking kit that attaches them together. It doesn't look like much but it works. If you don't have that connection you could have problems as the washer spins. Build a shelf to hold the dryer, do not stack it directly on the washer.

Sears is not what it used to be. Lowes seems to be great, and I had good luck at Best Buy. HD is iffy.

Good luck with your new washer.

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If you decide on an LG washer, don't bother with the fancy features like steam, etc. but do get one with an internal heater (if it has a Sanitary cycle then it has an internal heater). We got a simple LG washer with a heater on a black Friday special at Best Buy for $500 (we did opt for a matching dryer exactly because of the stacking need, that was also $500). So the whole set was $1000. I'm very pleased with Best Buy's installation service, and very happy with the new washer. Sears service is not what it used to be. Most of their sales people don't know anything about the products they sell.

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