Duet Pedestal Install

finnpondFebruary 19, 2012

Can i tip the Whirlpool Duet washer on its back to install the 15 inch pedestal without the packing bolts that keep the tub in place during shipping? We've had the unit for a couple years and have either lost the bolts or they were never given to us initially...

Thanks, Dave

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I wouldn't do it.
Doing so will really damage the suspension.

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I would not do it. We just got the duets and if you read the manual it says contact whirlpool for new bolts do not use the bolts that came with it. Yet when my husband was assembling the washer it said to keep the bolts incase you need to move it. It may not hurt to call whirlpool.

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Laying the machine carefully onto its sides or back should not be a problem. The shipping bolts are to anchor the mechanism against violent jarring as may occur via mishandling/jolting/dropping during warehouse and delivery transport. I doubt service techs install shipping bolts when moving the machines for repairs ... and keep in mind that the tub often oscillates rapidly during spin unless the load is perfectly balanced, which is rare in real-world use.

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