low fiber diet for the next three days

publickmanMay 11, 2014

On Tuesday I am scheduled for a colonoscopy, and the instructions say that two days before, I am supposed to avoid fibrous foods, fruits with skins, and seeds (poppy, sesame, caraway). So I bought some bananas at Trader Joe's, since I will peel them before eating them. Does this fall into the category of low fiber? I also bought some sourdough bread and Brie and Camembert, since I thought that white bread would be low in fiber. What about potatoes, providing I peel them? I am assuming that I should avoid beans!

Our counter tops and sink are in, but we do not have the faucet connected yet, and so Kevin wants to continue eating out. Tonight we had Persian food - grilled lobster kabob and chicken kabob with peppers, onion, tomato, and saffron Basmati rice. I had lentil soup as a started, so that I could avoid salad, but I will not be eating any more lentils for the next few days. I also bought some yoghurt at TJ's, but I will not be eating fruit with it.

Is there anything I am missing? What are the best low fiber foods to eat for the next few days? I am assuming that nuts are out, as well as whole grains, but is white flour okay? I have some cucumber, tomato, and onion salad that I made recently, but I only partially peeled the cucumbers. Are tomatoes high in fiber? I assume that lettuce is.


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I stumbled across this post by clicking on a link in the 'Most Recent Posts' column on the right.

I think this link from the American Cancer Society will help answer your questions.

Don't forget to drink plenty of water to avoid constipation.
All the best for your results!

Here is a link that might be useful: LOW fiber foods

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Boy, when it rains (metaphorically--I can't imagine since you last saw the real thing) it pours with you. At least when you get through all this you can have some Ahhhh time. :)

I'm surprised they didn't give you a list. At least it's better than the old broth and jello diet they used to demand. Sorry, bananas are out. They have lots of fiber. Your Israeli salad isn't very high in fiber (other than the peels), but generally any raw vegetable is out. As are most cooked ones.

Low fiber: Tender meats, poultry and fish. Clear soup. White things like white bread, insides of potatoes (no skins), white rice, white pasta. You can toast to make it more interesting. :)

You're basically looking at what you can eat with an upset tum, minus the fruits that are on that list. But you can have cupcakes! (Just not the filling...) I.e., sugar is okay, but on this diet you might find that sugar doesn't settle well.

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Hi- I have a really strong family history of colon cancer, and I had my first colonoscopy when I was 47, and I am supposed to have them every three years. I have probably had at least six of them, and I have never been told to follow a low fiber diet for three days. All I have been told to to switch to a clear liquid diet 24 hours before the procedure. The test itself is not that bad. It is the cleansing out routine that is awful, and make sure that you are cleaned out enough. Once I was not, and he made me go for another one two days later, and I could not eat any solid food until the second one was over. I was supposed to go for another one last month, and I postponed it because they are trying to sort out some potential heart problems, and I have to go for a coronary catherization on Thursday. Once I an healed from that then I will reschedule the colonoscopy.

One thing I have learned though is that after the colonoscopy is over, then you should go slow on reintroducing the fiber

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That link from the ACS was extremely helpful - thanks for much for that information. Some of my instincts were right, but some were not - and so I guess maybe I should freeze the bananas until later. A lot of the things I'm supposed to avoid are the things I eat mostly commonly.

Interesting about reintroducing fiber at a slow rate - I had no idea about that.

I also have a family history of colon cancer - my maternal grandmother died of it, and my mother had it twice and had to go through major surgery - something I really hope to avoid.

You are certainly right that when it rains, it pours, and I am hoping to have a lot behind me in a couple of weeks. Did I mention that I had a root canal today? The dentist only got it 90% complete, due to complications, and so she will finish it about 10 days from now.

I am really happy to have gotten so many helpful suggestions so quickly! I was hesitant to discuss this topic, but I do think it is important. Now I just have to convince Kevin to get his colonoscopy - he turns 50 next year - and since it is Mothers' Day, I will have to remind him of what happened to our mother and grandmother.


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I agree, it is an important topic.
And yes, it is also a bit uncomfortable to discuss.
Most health issues are.

I'm scheduled for that procedure too.
I have three pages of instructions,
Which are pretty detailed.
There is a list of foods to avoid for 7 days prior,
(ALL nuts and seeds, such as popcorn, trail mix, corn, tomatoes,
peppers and potato skins).
But nothing about such strict low fiber.
And the last 36 hours prior are clear liquids only.

Apparently different doctors have different methods.

Hope all goes well for you!


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Does this fall into the category of low fiber?

Didn't they give you a diet sheet?

Here's one from Medline:


And WebMD

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I just went thru my third colonoscopy three weeks ago. I am amazed that you weren't given a detailed instruction sheet with precise timings and food restrictions. I would also assume that they would have given you a direct phone line to the GI department in case you forgot or mis-understood something. I was under the impression that I was allowed bananas but I have misplaced or discarded my prep sheets. When I googled, I didn't find many instructions, and they were somewhat varied. I would think you should call the GI department to double check everything.

One trivial point: while plenty of liquids are fine, the constipation issue is moot because your 'prep' on the night before WILL take care of that [ ;-) .

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It seems that each gastro doc has their own protocol. I've never heard of low fiber diet before beginning the prep. My doc uses a "dry" prep method utilizing laxatives, then magnesium citrate and LOTS of water/liquids. No solid food, only clear liquids (excluding any that are red or purple) for at least the previous day. It's way better than drinking gallons of Moviprep! I can eat soft foods two hours after the procedure. Scrambled egg is usually my choice.
As stated previously, the prep is the nasty part. After the procedure it's rumbly, but nothing odious.

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Hi- Every time I have to endure one, I get major constipation until the liquid prep kicks in. Yes it does work eventually, but for a half hour you might be major constipated. One time I could not keep the prep down, and so I was not prepped enough for the procedure. The next time I had it done, I still was not prepped enough, and I had to go through the procedure again two days later, and I could not eat any solid food until it was over. Now I make sure that I am prepped enough before I go through with it.

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I've only had one and the doc didn't make me do a low fiber diet beforehand either, but I did have the day before with only clear liquids and then the bottle of stuff mixed with Gatorade. I hate Gatorade anyway, so that was the worst part for me.

Frankly, I didn't think the prep was that bad, I went to work, as did Elery before his. After the procedure I felt fine so we went out for burritos and I didn't have any problems doing that either. The only thing unusual I encountered was that I saw a big black Labrador retriever while I was in recovery, I figured it was one of those therapy dogs that hospitals have now. Elery later informed me that there was no dog, LOL, so apparently I was imagining things.

I had my first (and only) at age 56, my doc said the Cancer Society recommends age 50, but the AMA recommended 55. I told him I'd do it at 55, then he nagged me for a year. Now I'm good for another year or two, I think.

Lars, I do empathize, I just had a root canal myself last week. (sigh) It's always something, isn't it? I hope things are back to normal for you soon. And tell Kevin I said the colonoscopy is important and really not all that bad.


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Well, it's over now, and so the procedure was a success. However, from what they found, they want me to come back in three years instead of five. I'm recuperating fairly well but am still sensitive and have some bleeding. I won't be eating anything spicy for a while, but I am some stuffed shells in the freezer than I might heat up for dinner. I had fish and chips for lunch, which I think should not be a problem.

I ordered a new vanity faucet to go with my bathtub faucet, even though the one I have now works fine - I just want to get rid of the last chrome in that room - all the other metals are brushed nickel, which I much prefer.

Thanks for your help and support during this time!! It was very useful to me and relieved a bit of stress.


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I'm glad it was a successful procedure, and that you didn't see any black dogs. My family is still teasing me about that.

Good luck on the rest of the remodeling, I definitely trust your taste and judgment so the new faucets will be nice, I'm sure.


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