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weed_cutterJuly 25, 2012

I have an install quote to replace my failing 4 ton heat pump with a Rheem system. The proposed condenser/air handler match is a 15PJL48A01 condenser with a RHLLHM4821JA air handler. Rheem's web site shows this condenser should be matched to a RHLLHM6024 air handler (from the AHRI performance data table). The confusion I have comes from the "48" designation in the smaller A/H which I would think would match with the 48k btu condenser unit, why would Rheem specify a 60k btu A/H to match up to a 48k btu condenser? I do want the system to deliver the 15 SEER rating. I am in Jacksonville, Fl if the region makes any difference.

Thanks for the education.

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The smaller AH may also be a match, but may deliver less than 15 SEER.

If you live in a high humidity area, the smaller unit (if a match) will be better for reducing humidity, assuming it is a correct size for your property.

SEER is a 'seasonal' value, which may not be realized due to limitations of the installation. EER if known, is a more meaningful value.


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Unless I overlooked it, the smaller coil is not an AHRI match, the larger coil is a match and has a 15 SEER rating but only an average 8.50 HSPF heating efficiency.

While the air handler is a high eff model, it s not var speed (RHKL) which would be better for dehumidification in AC cooling. This upgrade is worth
considering taking into account your JAX location.

I personally would consider a step up in condenser selection as well.


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Thanks for the reply. EER for the system with the A/H specified by Rheem is 12.5. I spoke with Rheem and their explaination for no certification with the smaller A/H is that it hasn't been tested by the AHRI. Strange thing is that another model 4 ton condenser was tested with that A/H, go figure. The contractor said the quote was an oversite and is going to correct and resend. I just want to make sure I am getting the efficiency promised.

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I looked really hard at the Prestige line but decided against it for a couple of reasons. My experience has been that often less bells and whistles is more reliable. Secondly, with my wife whom I love dearly, I don't even know why we have a thermostat. We could just hard wire the system "ON".

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Just providing you options.

You asked for education and opinions and I provided it.

Regardless whether you upgrade air handler and/or outside condenser, I would never sell or recommend a system that was not an AHRI match.


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I do value your opinion and thank you much. Oddly the Prestige systems had an edge on the heating output but the Value system had a slight edge on cooling. Value system = 46500 btu cooling vs Prestige = 45500 btu. Heating Prestige = 45500 vs Value = 41500.

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I wanted the RHKL but somehow in everything else that was going on it got missed and I ended up with the RHLL I think it is which has the X13 motor but not variable.

I am still very happy with it but the variable speed would probably be a touch quieter and a little better humidity control.

It is still a half a ton smaller than the builders grade system it replaced and it missed the set temp by 1-2 degrees only when it is 104+ outside.

If you get a match with good numbers and variable speed you will be very satisfied.

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