Which stackable pair?

saeyedocFebruary 13, 2014

Now that Miele is only selling ventless dryers, I think they are out. It's just too hot here to put all that hot air back in the house.
Laundry room will be in a very visible area of the house, so we want it to look good and take up minimal space, so thinking stackable is a good option and would rather not mix/match brands to keep a clean look.
Thinking Speedqueen, looks very well built with minimal electronics to break.
Better to get separate units and stack them as opposed to a stacked combo, or would that be ok? Concern would be if one breaks, the whole thing could go down.
Any way to stack a top loaded washer with a dryer?

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Another step towards pulling out of the North American marketplace?


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... with minimal electronics to break. Speed Queen dryers have mechanical timers but the frontload washers are electronic behind the rotary knobs.

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Ok, thanks. I think I'm going to bag the stackable idea and just get a topload SQ washer and one of their dryers. Found a place 4 miles from here that carries them.

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Went to a place that carried some Speedqueens, guy said they all have printed circuit boards. Looked very well made though.
I guess there are no currently made washer/dryers that are entirely mechanical.

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We went with stackable LGs, and have been very pleased with their performance. They look great, too.

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Sounds like your SQ salesman didn't have any idea what he was talking about.


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Indeed, just talked to a repair place. They said the top load washers have no electronics. Salesman I talked to is obviously clueless.

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