LG TROMM update after 5 years and repair

czechchick2February 15, 2012

It's been couple of years since I posted here but now I'd like to share my LG experience after 5 years.

It might be long, so bare with me.

Finally,my LG had to have bearings replaced. I said finally, b/c somehow I always knew it will hapen.As I posted here long time ago, my bf has dermatitis so every load has prewash and after wash, I double or triple rinse everything or use extra quick wash to make sure that no residue is left behind. I also wash king size comforters in- once with extra detergent b/c of the size and then couple of extra quick washes without soap to get it rinse good.

And dog's blankets. We have GS and Lab, so hair everywhere.

I also use water plus feature on every load. So all this washing and rinsing surely put lots of pressure on the bearings.

The bearings started to go about 2.5 years ago and it got soooo loud past few months and the warranty is near end so I called for repair.

I have extended warranty and there was no problem what so ever with the company or the repair guy. The only delay was in schedule the reapir guy to come when my bf was home b/c the washer and dryer is stacked and they would have to send 2 guys and charge me 50 bucks to unstock it. Well, I am too cheap for that.

The washer had to be taken appart and somehow we ended up with new drum too. My bf said something about the bearings couldn't come out. The new drum is weird. Not only it has holes but these raised half bubbles, smaller and larger.

But who cares about that. Right?

I did take few pictures of the drum and washer being dissasembled. There was no mold or mildew, no buildup or smell.Just shiny drum. The only thing I saw some dried dog hair and lint in between the gasket and the plastic outerdrum. The guy said that the washer is nice clean.

Inside of the box, onthe bottom there were some bugs and on top of the frame inside was little rust, I think from using the sanitary cycles, it causes condensation.I forgot to take pics of that.

I also asked the guy if I should get the warranty extended and he did recomend it. He said it's higher end washer and cost more to get new one.He said he doesn't see many of them.It will cost about 500 bucks for next 5 years but in our case it's worth it. He said that fix the bearings is about 400-500 bucks.I wash and re-wash a lot and wash heavy loads so those bearings will likely go again. Plus as the washer gets older ,other potential repairs might be needed-like electronics or heater.

So sum it up and answer someone's question on how long will washer last. I'd say enybody who does normal washings-not like us, IMO,the washer shouldn't have problem to last 10 years or more.

And for some who still has problem with mold and mildew.

I only use hot and sanitary cycles.

Always prewash and extra rinse with aded water volume.

Detergents I used in past included non HE, Roma, powder, liquid, Persil-the best. Charlie soap I hated with passion.

Now, past 2 years I used Vaska but it suds up in my other little FL so I tried MS Meyers and I am hooked! It cleans well, smells great, rinses well and doesn't suds up at all.

And I can order it on line, shipping free too.

I DO NOT use any bleach,ever, I am allergic to it.

I put all the detergent inside the drum.

And I am using FS now, Vaska or Ms Meyers.

Just remember, more dirty load, it needs little more soap to get the dirt out but also more water to rinse it out too.

1/2-3/4 loads not really dirty, just one extra rinse.Full load and/ or heavy one like towels, extra rinses. I do mixed loads, heavy and light, it rinses better.

I never use warm or cold water. For rinse I use warm water.

I care about our clean laundry and my bf's skin, not savings on electric. I do worry about the water consumption but these FL use so little that all the extra rinse can't be that bad.

Also the repair guy mentioned that the bearing failure is bc of our hard water. The lime got in and ate it up.Who knows.

One more thing, I asked if I have to replace my hoses and he said they are good. I have some high pressure ones and he said they last long.

And we didn't have to rebalance the washer at all. All the moving did not mess it up. I made sure the legs were locked in and it worked. It was balanced 5 years ago when new and it is still perfect!!!

I would post the pics but have no idea how. If anybody wants to see them, I can email them.

I hope some find some usefull info here.

I still do love my washer.

Good luck with yours!

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@czechchick, welcome back! Nice to see an update from you - I read a lot of your old posts and always found your comments and washing style very sensible ;-)

Glad to hear that you still love your LG after 5 years. I also have an LG FL (lower end model with an internal heater) - I've had it for over a year now and so far I really like it. Like you I use mostly hot and sanitary washes with some warm washes as well. I almost always use Water Plus and always select Extra Rinse. So far, the washer has done a good job and I have no trace of mold, smell or any other nasty thing in it. For the price I paid for this washer, it's been outstanding!

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Not unusual for a front loader, 3 to 7 years bearing failure.

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Nunyabiz1, I think it really depends on the load that the washer has to go through. And the hard water might contribute as well. My case is kind of extreme bc of the health issue so I esily used up my washer three times as much compare to regular use.
I also have other small 5kg FL W/D combo and it is about 10 years old and it washes something every other day on high boil out temp. And the bearings are fine. The only problem I had since it was new, the pump leaked, was replaced 3 times and still leaks little. Bc of the leak, all legs are shoved in and not adjustable bc it is all rusty on the bottom. I had the dryer heater replaced too when not even year old.
It tend to rattle, shake and walks but it is one little workhorse. And it is spotless inside too.
I don't know if cheaper washer have smaller on different type of bearrings but bc of my LG costing more that I would normally spend, I got the extended warranty.
And I am happy to have another extended warranty option.
I wish more people post here about the bearing issue/lifespan.

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"Not unusual for a front loader, 3 to 7 years bearing failure."

Right on cue - I'm sure no one reading here is surprised at all (lot's of eye rolling). Clearly you didn't really read her post because you would have read that she's put her washer through a lot (more like 10 years use).

Washers are really rated by cycles (which you can equate to an approximate life span). If you use it WAY more than the average, clearly your life span will be shorter.

It does appear though; she has no signs of mold (which corresponds with most people's comments here about their FL).

@czechchick2, nice update - thanks.

"I wish more people post here about the bearing issue/lifespan."

That would be good except that you'd have to have a lot of detail (like you've provided) to really put much value on the comments. Certain behaviours can drastically affect the bearings (IMO). Over dosing of detergent is a big one.

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Livebetter, I just replied to your other post about those Miele cycles too.
Yes,for me it was just common sense knowing that the washer will need repair sooner rather than later.Our washings are rather unique. It got better thou.My bf got new doctor and doesn't suffer those horrible breakouts. It seems it is under control, so I don't wash as ofter but still rinse and re-rinse. The repair guy said that the lime in the water got through the seal and helped destroy the bearrings. He said there isn't much I could do about the water. He said that water softener doesn't do much.
I do use quite a bit of detergent b/c of the water hardness in both of my machines and the little FL has no bearring issues yet after 10 years. I'd say, from experience, that weight of the load causes more problems than amount of detergent.I even used non HE in both of the washers.Definatelly washing those heavy comforters did a number on my washer. They fit in but they get VERY heavy when wet and to rinse them properly, it takes 2-3 extra cycles- they do need extra detergent b/c of the size.Otherwise they smell when they come out.
Compare that to my light small loads in the little washer is like night and day.
I always said that bigger washer isn't better washer. They will wash the load but b/c of the small amount of water they use, you have to use many extra rinses or extra cycles or you may have stinky laundry after awhile.Specially using loations and creams(like in my BF case). That takes very hot water and extra detergent.
The ideal size of the load is about 1/2 to 3/4 of what they recommend. Unless it's load of synthetics that is light and easy on the washer.
I remember in Europe over 30 years ago, my first FL had so much water in, it was half way up the door, suds and all but laundry came out perfect without any extra rinsing.Now they cut back on water usage, save here, cut there, charge you more for it and in long run it doesn't work.

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I had a kenmore HE3t for over 9 years and sold it to my friends. It is now 11 years old, no bearing issues at all, and still going strong. It was used heavy for comforters, blankets and dirty work clothes. My water is hard as a rock, I used extra detergent as required to help soften the water..

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@ livebetter

Don't waste your time responding to that other person who can't put two brain cells together to formulate a coherent argument. Look, as a manufacturer you have every capability at your fingertips to design a FL washer in a way that will last 2 years, 5 years, 10 years or 100 years. This is nothing more than a design choice driven by pricing and profit. Some companies just build them better than others - like cars.

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Gates -

Really? I remember when you were talking about your Whirlpool built Kenmore He3t being 9 years old and you ended up getting an LG WaveForce, but I had no idea you sold that 9 year old machine to someone and it's actually STILL working! Very cool! That makes me feel really good! Since your machine is basically the same as my Duet! Cool news to hear!

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I come back to this forum occasionally to see what people are raving about in case our washing machine fails. Our 11-year old FridgeMore FL is still going strong, no bearing problems. I haven't seen any curves on washing machine repairs, but I'd be real surprised if bearing failures are really typical on 3-7 year old front loaders.

But who knows, any real data out there, or just speculation?

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LG Tromm WM2277
-Our washer has hit a dead end after only 4 years of ownership in a South Florida climate. The door hinge had to be replaced twice. The door becomes really hard to open and forcefully close. The front panel rusted during the 1st year. The door hinge is mounted on the front panel. You cannot replace the door hinges without removing the top and complete front of the washer.
The control buttons across the breadth of the machine do not function when pressed. You have to use force. The water recirculation became very noisy after the first two years of ownership...but still works okay after 4.

I am very disappointed in the real-time life cycle of this particular machine. I really hope everyone else's experience is not like this. I hope this article seems absurd as I take no pleasure in bringing unpleasant news.

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Where do you keep your washer?
I live in south Florida too. We keep ours in AC laundry room.Model WM 2496
Why didn't you get the extended warranty?
Actually I am really happy with mine.Other than the bearrings issue no problems.


When the washer was taken appart, I forgot to mention above, that it was leaking for over year-due the bearring failure,there was light rusty haze on the bottom of the leak. The rest is clean. And the 3 arm things was clean.
No problem with hinges at all. The rubber ring is still perfect too.
Believe me, both our washers get lots of use but I am carefull, I don't slam the doors,DON'T lean on the door!
I've seen it done before! Don't bang things against it.And I don't use bleach, that can cause problem if not properly diluted. Plus I am allergic to it.
The washer and dryer looks like new.

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"The repair guy said that the lime in the water got through the seal and helped destroy the bearings. He said there isn't much I could do about the water. He said that water softener doesn't do much."

@czechchick2 - Might using STPP might help with your water quality?

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I do have a pail of STPP. I use it mainly in the dishwasher otherwise our dishes are left haizy.
I do use it in laundry too but mostly on whites.
Our water is bad.And it is city water.I thought it should be conditioned somehow. I am on 3rd DW in 15 years.
Our tankless was killed by the buildup in 2,5 years and replaced. I didn't know it has to be cleaned/flushed every year and so now it's filled up again and not heating properly.
We had salt generator on the pool but the cell was filling up so quick. If I left it for month,I was told 3-4 times a year is enough to clean it, it wouldn't dissolve/clean even in acid and I was digging the hard stuff out of it with skewer and steak knife.
8 years ago I put new faucet in the kitchen and it is leaking again. Somehow there is a tiny hole right in middle of the spout. And the valves under each sink and toilet have buildup too. It is ready to be replaced.
On the other hand, I feel lucky with my washers. Considering quality of our water and the amount of washing and extra rinsing.

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