Stacked washer and dryer, against code?

jessiegrayFebruary 3, 2012

When we were building our first house I wanted the dryer stacked ontop of the washing machine to save space. The plumber refused saying it was "against code" but wouldn't tell me why or supply any information to prove it. Not being one for conflict, I just left it alone and let him do whatever it took to get the laundry room ready. We had several subs say he was just making an excuse to not have to do any extra work.

Has anyone heard of it being against code to stack a dryer/washer? We'll be starting our second house in a couple months and I'm trying to get a straight answer from the county office, other plumbers etc but noone knows! I keep being told they'll check and get back with me when they have an answer. I've seen it done in photos, and the washer and dryer come with the hardware to stack them so I know it's not "that" odd of a request..... We live in lower, alabama. I even talked to an inspector one town over and he said he wasn't sure, he'd never heard of someone doing that *face palm*

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If there was a code for stacking laundry machine, then it would be in a closet with a solid door. Code would be broken because it's a tight fit and machine needs to breath. Enclosure like this may cause over heating and fire otherwise, I don't understand why they will not hookup units to your likings!

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