Replacing HVAC Filter Grill

Route66ServicesJuly 12, 2014

I'd like to replace the ugly metal grill covering my hvac filter opening with a louvered door that has 1-1/2" open louvers.
The metal grill is 22" w X 27" h.
Would the open louvers in that size door allow enough air flow through the filter?

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"IF" the ugly grill is only adiquate
"AND"the louvered door is also 22"x27",the door will restrict air flow.

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ACCA Manual D calls for 300-fpm velocity through a 1" cheap fiber glass filter.

Hart&Cooley: Even a 20x25 grille yields 2.4-sq.ft. (Ak) area to flow only 721-CFM @300-fpm vel through it.

That is the low end of a 2-Ton A/C or high end of a 1.5-Ton A/C or heat pump.

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udarrell . . . sorry, I don't understand. Can I use a louvered door there or not?

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