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phrogFebruary 23, 2014

I've read lots of pro/con arguments about Persil vs less expensive detergents like Tide. Mostly they concern quality of results.

I wanted to know if there's any reason to believe that Persil powder is better for the FL machine than Tide powder. Will it help the spider or other parts last longer?

That's the only reason I would buy it, as I don't mind regular detergent scents and I'm not allergic to the ingredients.

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Persil is the flagship laundry detergent of Henkel, the largest soap/detergent company in Germany. Tide is the flagship laundry detergent of Procter & Gamble, the largest soap/detergent company in the United States. Procter & Gamble and Henkel both spend a lot of money and time in making their products fit the marketplace and on advertising to compete against Unilever, Colgate, Sun Products, et al. The formulations of both Persil and Tide are constantly tweaked and in all probability slightly different formulations are made to cater to different tastes and water qualities n the various regions where Tide and Persil are marketed.

Just as some people prefer Crest toothpaste to Colgate toothpaste, some people prefer Persil to Tide. Others prefer specialty brands from "boutique" companies like Vaska, BioKleen, or Ecover. No brand of detergent is best for every consumer.

Specifically, will using Persil instead of Tide prolong the useful lifetime of your washing machine? By the time controlled testing could be performed over the relevant test period of the lifetimes of individual washing machines in a test group, the formulations of the current versions both Tide and Persil at the end of the test will have evolved to something different than the formulations on the market at the beginning of the test. So we shall never know.

Sorry that I am unable to provide a more definitive answer.

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Well, I've used ordinary Cheer powder in my Euro front loaders (Askos and Miele) for nearly a quarter century. All spiders fine (indeed all machines are fine). My machines are all older models that heat water to nearly boiling and I do wash some loads at high temps every week, and most loads at what would be consider "hot" (140 F) by modern standards.

Do I also use Persil? Ooccasionally, along with other special purpose detergents for special purposes. The only Persil product I use with any regularlity is Perwol powder on woolens (blankets, mattress pads, etc.) I use Eucalan on knitted wool (sweaters, hats, mittens) as I find Perwol promotes felting in the Mieles (but not the Askos), but Eucalan does not. (In general I find the agitation patterns, spin speeds and water levels in the Askos better than the Mieles for knitted woolens.)

I wouldn't put Tide in my washers as I hate the smell (even of the unscented var.) Cheer powder just works for me. I don't use any fabric softener, ever, nor any liquid detergent beyond the few specialty ones for down, silk and Eucalan for sweaters.

I also use very little, about 2 TABLESPOONS, of powder per load. The cup-sized scoops baffle me.


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