Maytag Dryer Model #MDG5806AWW Not Drying Completely

faux_naticFebruary 25, 2013


I hope I am in the correct forum. If not, could someone be so kind as to direct me to a forum that is appropriate for my question? Thank you.

Maytag Dryer Model #MDG5806AWW

A week ago I noticed I had to start the dryer again for another drying cycle as the loads were coming out damp.

I immediately thought it was the washer (matching) not spinning the clothes enough.
It turned out to be the dryer so I started Googling and trouble-shooting the problem.

Every site I went to suggested removing the front of the dryer to get to the underside of the front lint filter.

I did that.
I unplugged the dryer. Pried up lid then removed front.
I used a brush to remove lint that was stuck anywhere, then a vacuum to remove all the loose lint.
I then went to the back of the dryer and removed the hose leading outside.
I cleaned out the hose very well of all lint.
I put my hand (and flashlight) into the the back of the dryer where the silver coil hose, leading outside, attaches.
I made sure there was nothing clogging that area.
I went outside and double-checked the vent, the flaps to the vent.

I finally got to try the dryer this morning and still, not enough heat to dry the clothes completely on the cycle I had always dried the clothes. I ended up having to turn the dryer on again for another 20 minutes.

Had I not just paid for a new water heater (ours went out after 16 years two weeks ago) and depleted the little savings we had, I would have called a Maytag repair person by now.

Not wanting to take out a small loan just to repair the dryer, would anyone know or have an idea of what the trouble could be?
Thanks so much in advance for any help!

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How long is the exhaust ducting from the wall to the flapper outside? The entire path of it must be checked and cleaned if necessary ... not just the flex-duct between the dryer and wall, and the flapper at the end outside.

Also make sure the flex-duct is short and straight as possible, not kinked, or sharply obstructed.

To confirm whether the dryer is heating to proper temperature:
1) Disconnect the duct from the back of it.
2) Set it on the TIMED cycle (set at least 30 mins) and HIGH temperature.
3) Let it run for a few mins to get fully heated.
4) Check the exhaust air temp with an instant-read kitchen thermometer. It'll vary between a maximum and minimum reading as the burner cycles on/off to maintain a target operating heat. Should run between about 145F to 155F at max and drop to maybe 125F to 120F minimum.

This is a gas unit. If there is a problem, could be a flaky gas valve or a bad flame sensor, among other things.

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Ive had great service from all my Maytag gas dryers. I think the only things I have ever had fail other than maybe a drum bearing is the gas valve solenoid coils. They tend to get weak over the years and usually will work fine when the cycle starts but get weak and fail before the load is done.

You are in good hands with Dadoes for diagnostics. Dont fear working on it yourself, these machines are easy to work on.

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dadoes & fordtech

Thank you both for such quick responses. I appreciate it so very much!

I have cleaned out the entire path and even after disconnecting that silver coil (vacuumed inside the coil also) flex duct I looked inside the hole in the back of the dryer with a flashlight to make sure there wasn't any lint at all.
I ended up vacuuming every square inch of the inside after taking off the front panel.
That's why I ended up feeling so overwhelmed.....each site told me the lint in any of areas could be causing the problem and once the lint was removed the problem should be isn't. :(

The hole leading outdoors from the dryer is straight. I have less than 2 feet of coil. I wouldn't have that much but when we got the dryer I wanted some space between dryer and back wall for ventilation.

I will go get the kitchen thermometer and test now.
I am sure I will be back. :)
I initially bought this, my first Maytag, 6 years ago because I needed large and the fantastic reviews.
I am hoping if I need a part it won't be too expensive (gas valve solenoid, flaky gas valve or a bad flame sensor). I really love my dryer.

Again, thank you both so very much!

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