shut off furnace pilot for summer?? Or not??

jaansuJune 1, 2011

I've had trouble in previous years relighting my gas furnace pilot at the beginning of the season. One year, the device had to be replaced in fact. If I shut off the pilot for the summer, should I do anything that would help successful operation in the fall? Cover it with a baggie or such? Or is the cost of running the pilot so low that I might as well let it burn all summer?

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If you had multiple furnace, then shutting off pilots would be worthwhile procedure. For one furnace I would think the saving is less than $10 for the whole summer. One pilot replacement negates many summers of no lit pilot.

If the furnace is in a damp basement, then having the pilot on is actually a good thing. The flame keeps the interior of the furnace dry. Don't cover the pilot with a baggie.

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Thanks Mike, I guess I'll leave it on.

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