Maximizing small laundry space

gle18February 7, 2010

We are moving in June to a newly built home. Everything is perfect except the size of our laundry room.

It is approx 6x8 in size and there will be a sink with one lower drawer. We have front loaders that will sit under the counter top. Any suggestions on how we could maximize the space? I need a lot of storage and since the garage is attached to the laundry room, we will be using it as the point of entry daily rather than the front doors.

I'm thinking of going to Ikea to get storage solution ideas. I would love to have a space for the kids to hang their things, almost like a locker style look, but nicer of course. Because the space is small, I was thinking of having everything white. Any thoughts? Our builder is suggesting the same colour as the kitchen cabinets (expresso stained) for the laundry room as it "flows" better.

I would appreciate any ideas as we do at least 4-5 load of laundry each week and I want to use that space to store our jackets, shoes and of course laundry detergent.

Thanks soo much!!


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Definitely think "up" -- I have some cabinets installed in the space over my laundry machines and they are great for storing all the detergent etc.

As for color -- I tend to agree with your builder to go same color as the kitchen cabinets, I have seen some houses where they went white in the adjoining laundry area and to me it looked funny. JMHO.

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Have you thought about staking your machines? This will give you enough space for a good sized closet.

Also  donÂt forget about the doors. Hooks for backpacks and coats. We will be installing a fold out ironing board to our door.

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