LG WT4870 Hot Wash Temp

KeyjeyFebruary 1, 2013

Have a brand new LG washer with no hot wash. Highest temp is 80 degrees across the entire wash cycle when the washer is set to the hottest cycle; I measured several times. When I call LG, I am told the hot wash temp is 120 degrees and they sent me a copy of the spec sheet that confirmed that. We had a technician here who said the hottest the washer would get is 80 degrees and it's because of the HE rating, etc. I have 140 degree water at the tap.

Two questions:

1) Does anyone who has this washer realize an actual hot wash temp?

2) If the technician is correct, is there any combo of settings or a bypass so I can get a hot wash?

Seriously frustrated with this washer I've had in my home less than 24 hours!

Thank you.

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Does your washer have a Whites cycle? If so, try that, see if it activates the heating element. It does in my new LG WM3470 front loader. Also try running hot water to a faucet nearby to spike the punch before you fill the washer with cold hot water lines. In my washer, by the way, Hot seems to have a goal of 105F.

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thats what you get for a hot wash. My LG isnt much better, but I have the internal heater to brong the temp up

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Yes, you might try either the Bright Whites or Heavy Duty cycle - possibly with Heavy Soil and maybe even Stain Treat. Some washers will up the temp the more heavy soil settings one adds on to the cycle.

Or wait till it's done filling and dump a bucket of hot water in there... :-/

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Bright whites only heats the water if there is a heater on board. Heavy duty cycle does give you a more vigerous wash. If you want more hot water in the washer, all you have to do is turn the cold water valve off, and let it fill that way.

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This is not encouraging, but thank you all. The hottest cycle is a bright whites and it's 76 degrees today (with hot water). I had one warm water cycle that was 116 degrees -- wish I knew how to replicate that fluke when I wanted it to happen and not when I had a washer full of black cotton. I have "primed the hot water to the washer by running it to hot in a tap that t's off the same line to no avail.

LG told me again today that 120 degrees was the hot water temp. This washer has no on-board heater. The service tech who was out last week told me the machine would error if I tried to turn off the cold water -- don't know if that is true since I've not tried it. Don't want to muck up a warranty at this point since we still might be asking them to take the machine back.

If 80 degrees is the hottest the water can be in the machine, then LG needs to not lie and say I have hot, warm, eco warm and cold water temps possible. Ugh!! I resent the lie as much as any of it.

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Not likely you'd hurt the machine by turning off the cold tap. An error, if it occurs, would be temporary, until the cold tap is turned back on. If necessary, the machine can be disconnected from power for a few minutes to reset.

You will have to turn the cold tap back on before the rinse period because rinses are surely tap-cold.

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you wont mess up the warranty by turning off the cold water. Mine did not error out when I did turn the cold water off, just filled with hot water and yes dont forget to turn it back on

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I have a front loader, the LG WM3470, so this doesn't relate to your situation directly, but anyway . . . with mine, I've learned that the heating element only seems to engage in cycles when I've enabled the TurboWash option, and to increase the amount of time in the wash cycle back to pre-TurboWash cycle length, I increase soil level. This works for everything I've tried so far, but apparently not Cotton/Normal. Cotton/Normal seems to be the most locked-down cycle there is, probably because it's the cycle that gets most of the attention in efficiency measurements.

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Thanks to all. We are replacing the machine. LG now says 83* is hot and that it cools our 140 degree water to protect the clothes. Value added service, I guess....

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Has nothing to do with protecting your clothes, and more so with energy star ratings and ATC. These machines and fuzzy logic controls have a mind of there own. What generally happens is the fill begins with short bursts of cold water pre wetting the load. For example LG Whitest White cycle has a target HOT of 44C/104F. Machine adds hot water to bring to correct water. HOWEVER, if the temperature of the water is above the target temp, it tempers back and adds cold water to drop the tub temp to as close to the target temp as possible. And in doing so the internal heater never engages because the original fill temp was already above the target temp. The internal heater will not rengage and sometimes you end up with a wash temp far lower than the published spec. Unless there is some magic hack to disable and override ATC, we are just stuck with this insane logic.

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