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cindywhitallJune 27, 2012

I'm sure these quotes are both overpriced....but I asked the guy who gave me a Carrier quote for an Amana one. I know the install will be good and both will have 10 year parts and labor. I have been told over and over that the install is more important than the equipment.

Given that the prices are inflated due to my rebate situation (5000 back if all measures completed) this Amana quote the "right" amount less expensive than the carrier, or should the Amana be even less? The Amana quote gets things closer to the realm of possible. I would get the hvac, tankless hot water, attic sealing and R-19 insulation for 11,500 (after 5k rebate)...of which 10k would be financed at 0% for 10 years. The Carrier would be 13081 (after rebate)... I expected the Amana to be less than he quoted based on what he said.

Here is the equip for the Amana

� Install new modulating, variable speed 90,000 Btu Amana 95 % gas furnace. (Model AMVC950905DX)

� Install new matching Amana evaporator coil. (Model CAPF4860D)

� Install new 4-ton, single speed, Amana 15-SEER A/C condenser on legs at existing location. (410A) (Model ASX140481C)

� Install new properly sized disconnect/ whip.

� Install new media cabinet and filter. (MERV 10)

� Install new ComfortNet programmable thermostat control

$10, 451

And the Carrier

� Install new 2-stage, 80,000 BTU Carrier 96% gas furnace. (Model 59TP5A080E2120)

� Install new 4-ton Carrier 16, 1-speed A/C condenser on legs. (Puron) (Model (24ABC648C)

� Install new matching Carrier evaporator coil. (CNPVP4821A)

� Install new properly sized disconnect/ whip.

� Install new media cabinet and filter. (MERV 10)

� Install new Carrier Edge programmable thermostat control.


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I would want to see the matching AHRI number on both systems. Ask dealer to provide it.

On the Amana, you definitely want a true two stg thermostat to control the staging not from the timer on control board.

On the Carrier, it would be a waste of money to not have the Infinity controller. Dealer should know this. The AC condenser is Carrier's bottom end Base 16 model. I wouldn't have it. Why is dealer quoting an upper end furnace paired with low end condenser?

Ask for those AHRI numbers so you can see the true performance/efficiency ratings.


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I am cheap and the a/c is only run a few months a year so I figured to cut costs by getting lower model. The only real difference, per carrier chart, is the decibal level. It's out the side of the house with no windows so it's ok to be louder. Infinity controller is more $ too. One guy said $500. I thought there was a lower carrier. I thought this was the comfort level?

I didn't ask for AHRI but all this stuff has to go through a computer and be approved by the state and stuff for the energy program I'm doing, so im sure it's fine. I will make a note to ask anyway.

I think the comfort edge is the amana thermostat. Is that 2-stage?

Do you think the Amana listed compares to the carrier? Should there be more price difference? Nobody mentioned Amana until i balked at price. One lists Amana on their site, but told me he doesn't use them anymore due to problems. I wonder if the problem is lower profit margin!

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You don't want to hear this but buying an Infinity furnace without the Infinity controller is a screwup bigtime.

And on the condenser, at least consider the upgrade to the Comfort series.

Expect to pay more for Carrier than Amana.

Not a fan of Goodman but if the savings are significant, then I would take a hard look at Amana.

Are you still attempting to qualify for the NJ program?


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The Carrier web site gives very limited information about the difference of their models. What is not stated is the build quality of the low end versus the high end. It is not just noise level. The high end models have better components and safety devices to protect the equipment.

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I didn't think the furnace was an infinity, but I do see that it can take an infinity control. I looked some more at the website, and though they call the a/c I was considering "performance" I see that it does have a louder rating. the big chart on the website didn't show that but today I looked more closely. I would like to ask him to give me either the 24acc6 or the 24apa5. I only feel I need single stage.

Not sure I'd spring for the infinity controller, they want 500 for it (per one quote who mentioned it specifically). Not sure I see that value. If both units are compatible could I add that later if I wanted?

Would it be unreasonable, as a negotiation, to ask for one of those performance/comfort models instead of the 24abc I was quoted? I was led to think it was not a base model. Is it builder grade? I think they should charge me no more then their cost difference, they are marking it up enough (imo!)

Is the infinity control good idea with one of those ac and furnace?

Thanks for all your help!

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Don't spend that much time/effort on equipment, try to find a good installer is much much more important. whether you have a good AC system or not, people always say 80% depends on install, 20% equipment.

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