System 2000 vs Dunkirk gas fired boiler

TommmDJune 25, 2012

I am looking to replace my present Burham cast iron P-206AWNI gas boiler. Its 19 years old, given me great service, but from what I can tell I've been lucky. I think its a great product, but there are reams of people who will disagree. It does not fill me with confidence about their quality or their response to customer issues.

MA is offering both credits & 7-yr interest free loans so it looks like a good time to upgrade. I'll be in this house for 15 more years or so.

I use a pellet stove, my gas bills now are ~$1200, including the dryer & dhw.

I am comparing the Energy Kinetics System 2000 against a Triangle Tube or a Dunkirk (Lennox) DKVL-T100 modulating condensing boiler.

The TT is very expensive but comes w/ 10 yr parts and labor & lifetime on the dhw. Comparable in cost to Buderus.

The System 2000 doesn't get much play on-line, which may be good since people usually post complaints, not accolades.

The Dunkirk is pretty new and comes with tankless dhw which I like a lot & with the rebates will be ~ $1k cheaper.

The lower AFUE rating hurts the Sys2000 here, but I like their simpler electronics, that it can be by-passed. Thats smart. I know from experience that controllers go, & when they do they can shoot a big hole in the 'savings' you are supposed to net out. Its not about cost of fuel, its about cost of ownership. And that can be due to no fault

of the manufacturer . .one power surge & half of the electronics in your house can go.

Its a tough call, so I'm looking to rekindle any discussion around these systems that people might feel inclined to comment on (again).

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AFUE ratings don't mean much when it comes to comparing fuel efficiency. There are too many criteria used in the testing that don't reflect real world use. In addition, the installation and boiler sizing can have a bearing on fuel consumption. AFUE assumes that the boiler is sized correctly for a design day and does not consider stack loss through a barometric or jacket loss, etc. An incorrect installation can have a boiler sit at full temperature for long periods of time and only cycle intermittently to maintain that temp rather than heat up, deliver the heat, then purge out and shut down.

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