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eleenaFebruary 16, 2013

I cannot figure out if the door should be kept open or closed when not in use.

I read the manual for W3033 model and it seems to me that the door has to be closed after use. Here is what it says on p. 24 (Program End):

Open the drum door and remove the laundry.

Check the folds of the door seal for any small articles.

Close the drum door.

Activate the Child Lock so children or animals do not find their way into the drum.

As far as I know, all or most other washers need to be kept open in order to prevent from mildewing. (I learned it the hard way after DH left the door closed when leaving for a vacation. No matter what I did, I could never get completely rid of mold ever since.)

Is Miele different then and why?


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Miele is erring on the side of caution, their priority appears to be preventing children from entering the machine. I keep mine ajar.

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Yes, children and pets. Keep the door open.

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KEEP the door ajar at ALL TIMES, when the machine is not in use. I ALWAYS keep the detergent tray out of the machine, when not using...this way, there is great aiflow and breathability at all times. I have had a Miele washing machine since the early 2000's, and I have never, never, never had any mold or mildew issues. Also, once a month I run a Sanitize cycle with either Bleach or Tide Machine cleaner, and my machine literally looks and smells brand new!!

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I always keep mine open as well. No littles here anymore, but do have smaller pets. Can you close laundry room door it you are worried?

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Miele W4842 here and I always remove detergent dispenser tray, wipe down gasket including inside crease, and leave door open. Once mold sets in, you really never get it out.

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We also leave ours ajar and have for about six years with no problems. However, I have real experience with this. As a child I almost died in a dryer - I was about 4 and thought it would be fun. My mom came in soon after and got me our of there. I distinctly remembering a thought like, "This was not a good idea" before I blacked out from the tumbling.

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Thank you everyone!

Deke, your story gave me chills!

I was not thinking as much of the child lock as about the placement. As the washer is so shallow, I want to put it in cabinet that already exists. Its interior is ~24.5", so I am wondering if I can keep the cabinet doors. But for that, I probably need to keep the washer closed.

One more related question. How much space do I need to leave behind the washer for hoses?

Thanks again!

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"How much space do I need to leave behind the washer for hoses? "

If your connection spigots are in the usual recessed box, you probably only need 3 or 4 inches. Our Miele W4842 sits 6.25" out from the wall in order to give room for the dryer vent/duct hose to run behind the units. The connection at the wall sits away from the wall and we have to work around that.

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Thank you!

I have another question but I think I'll start another thread.

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