Maytag Washer SAV2655AWW Loud Horn Noise

SavingmoneyFebruary 17, 2014

I have a Maytag top loading washer (Model no. SAV2655AWW).
It has just started to make a loud horn noise during the agitation. The belt has a gash about halfway through. What could make this noise? Could it be the belt or anything else? Is it worthwhile to repair this machine?
I appreciate your help.

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Uh-oh! You have what we call an Amana-Tag machine. The SAV model number gives it away. These were some of the most unreliable washing machines ever made. In my opinion, it's time to look for something else. You can repair it, but it will break again and again.

Is your machine like the one in this video?

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Hmmm. Good information to know, but I purchase it secondhand. I believe it worked well for at least 10 years, so I will try to fix it. Plus, it worked well for the 2 months after I purchased it.

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A cracked belt surely can contribute to noise.

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I will be replacing that and according to another person's thought checking the drain pump and pulley. Any more thoughts on what else may be making the noise. I hope it is just a belt. A $10 repair makes me happy.

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The noise disappeared, and I replaced the belt which had several cuts. I was able to find much more help on another site. I have added the url with the complete story of the repair.

Here is a link that might be useful: Washing Machine repair

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