Please need some opinions on my HVAC situation, thank you!

romanceintxJune 1, 2012

Good evening Gents, thank you in advance for the reading. On to the details.

My house was built in 1998 in Spring (Houston, TX) it currently has 2 trane units one for upstairs, one downstairs.

We moved in last October and this is the first couple of weeks of consistent 90+ degree weather. The upstairs unit is not cooling as much as previously. We called Allied Home Warranty regarding the issue, and Lone Star repair came by and gave us an appraisal of the situation: leaking valves in compressor.

His recommendation (proposal) was to replace the compressor with a Trane XB14 unit and a matching evaporator coil in the attic unit (he said the furnace was fine and didn't need to be replaced). Price tag - $7,200 less a $1500 allowance for being a warranty customer.

To replace both units - $12,000.00

I'm no expert (by any stretch) but I've been told this is quite high. What should I do? I had another HVAC guy, which I think I trust more, recommend Goodman. the Goodman unit SSX16 has a lifetime warranty on the compressor which i like in addition to the factory is 15 miles from my house. The second HVAC guy said he would install whatever I like, it's completely my choice but I pressed him for his opinion.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated. Good night.

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My existing compressors are model XB1000 built in 1997 if that helps.

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What size is your outside condenser? That would help.

I will assume you have an 80% eff furnace with a standard blower. Correct? Post model, brand, size.

If you plan to keep furnace, then you need to stay with a basic 13 SEER outside condenser with matching coil.

My initial reaction is the price is high.

I have a very poor opinion of third party warranty companies across the board. If this involves a warranty, ask for a settlement, take the money, and deal with a reputable HVAC dealer.


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Yeah - that warranty amount sounds like it costs the warranty company nothing. They just have a negotiated discount with the HVAC installer.

You need sizes to get help.

I just had a new house done with 2 units which included all the ductwork/stats/grills etc. It cost me $10500 for Trane heat pumps at seer 15. They were 2 tons each. Heat pumps should be a little more than a/c. And of course the ductwork is not cheap.

So shop around because you can do better.

The common comment around here goes something like "I wouldn't use Goodman for a dog house"....

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