water residue on brand new whirlpool TL

WendyBFebruary 21, 2011

Recently got a new top loader WTW4800 and I just happened to notice accidentally that when not in use there is water still in the tub somewhere. I was jiggling the tub and I heard sloshing water. but cannot see it.

Is something wrong with the draining functionality? I would surely hope this is not normal. This washer gets light duty usage and can sit around for awhile.

Will call the dealer for service, but wanted to hear your thoughts first.

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Take a chill-pill girlfriend. The sloshing you hear when you jiggle the tub is the fluid filled balance ring that helps your washer spin smoother and minimize vibration.

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interesting. Thanks Mark. I knew I would find the answer here!

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It is normal for any TL machine to have a bit of water left in the bottom after draining, same as a dishwasher. It can't pump that last little bit up and over the standpipe.


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Agree with both. You're fine. Everything's going to be ok.

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what's with all this over-reassurance? There's absolutely nothing wrong with questioning new noises in a new machine. That's what we do here on ths... we question things to learn.

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You're fine. We're fine. You opened yourself to the cyber-world -- which helped you -- and now your b***tching about it? Back off with that!

When the next thing happens, c'mon back. We'll be here.

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