Front Load Washer Cleaning Video - Miele

whirlpool_traineeFebruary 9, 2012

Here's a video I made of how I usually clean my grandma's Miele washer. Being a true European model, it does not have a Clean Machine cycle.

What I do is run it through a boil wash with some citric acid and catch the cleaning solution at the end of the main wash. Then I switch over to spin and put the drain hose into the dispenser. When the machine begins its continuous spin cycle - no earlier - I add some of the hot cleaning solution via the dispenser. This aggressively and effectively cleans the entire outer tub and also the internal hoses.

I have done this on Bosch and Electrolux washers, too. Works very well and certainly better than just an empty hot wash because the spinning action gets the water everywhere.


Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Washer Cleaning Video

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Great video. Thanks! I'm impressed by how little suds there are in the initial fill & tumble, which (I guess) means she had very little detergent residue. At 2:30 the water looks really manky. Is that from normal crud inside her tub?

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Hey Alex - great video. That really shows what's building up in there if people don't clean it out. Your grandma is is lucky ;)

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Dont't know about detergent residue. I suppose the acid knocked down any suds before they could even form. I guess the murky water is indeed from crud inside the stainless steel tub. My granny, 88, loves children and animals... but appliances - not so much. She just puts her laundry (and the stuff from my two cousins) in there > Normal cycle > no extras like Extended or Sensitive > unmeasured amount of powder in the dispenser and off it goes. Well, at least she uses powder and warm/hot washes; that helps some.

BTW: there's a discussion on the German forum where a Miele tech told the story of a lady that always used cold washes and liquid detergent. She complained about her smelly washer. Miele came out and even used diluted hydrochloric acid to clean out the machine. Nothing helped. Finally, Miele decided to take the machine with them. Turned out that the tub was so encrusted that a chisel was necessary to get the cr@p off the tub! True story.


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