KAW..I did it!

joyce_6333January 28, 2014

I've attempted to bake bread a few times, and although the loaves were OK, nothing great. Yesterday I think I finally got it just right! Ok, so it's a little lopsided, but it's still a thing of beauty!! :-) So excited.....

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Beautiful - you go!! Nothing like homemade bread, for sure. Were you able to resist the temptation to eat it while warm? That's always the hardest part, and often not achieved in my house!

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I so want to learn to bake bread. You've inspired me again to try.

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Congratulations on that loaf of beauty. I'll bet it tasted just as great as it looks!

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Congratulations! Looks yummy!

I haven't made home made bread for a while...it's such a great thing to make. I used to make it a lot when I was younger (pre-bread machine days) and never realized that it was supposed to be "difficult" to make a good loaf. But, with bread it's really both an art and science for the perfect loaf and I've learned that it's not always an easy thing to achieve a good loaf of bread.

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That looks like one of those fake loafs that they use for decorations and you look at it and think "I know that's fake because it's just too perfect to be real." Nice work!

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Great job! You will be hooked!

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I thought it was fake too. OK, I'll try a Challah. Haven't done that since my youth.

Your countertops are nice.

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