Kraftmaid verses Omega Dynasty pricing

pricepalJanuary 1, 2011

I have received quotes on Kraftmaid cabinets from both the big box stores and two independents.

The kraftmaid boxes with all wood fronts, WITHOUT plywood boxes, but glazed and all the bells and whistles all came in within $1500.00 of one another in the $15000 range.

The company I finally went with, when he sensed I was balking at the price for Kraftmaid, quoted me only $200 more for Omega Dynasty with the same bells and whistles, glaze etc. all wood boxes.

What I don't understand, is I thought the Omega Dynasty line was a much more expensive line than Kraftmaid.

How can the difference be only $200 when you are looking at all wood construction vs a engineered wood box?

I just wondered what I am missing here.

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Omega cabinets are made in Iowa so if you are located close by, you could be getting a shipping advantage. Also, a lot of companies price their basic products lower and make their money on "bells and whistles". Omega probably has a lot of what you want in their standard price and Kraftmaid is tacking on extra charges that just really started to add up. I think you are going to be really happy with the Omega cabinets.

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Prices are crazy and change by the month. We ordered Kraftmaid in November and all plywood boxes were part of a free upgrade during the period that we ordered. That saved us over $1000.

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adding to lower cost cabs always ends up costing as much or more then "nicer" cabinets that are higher priced but include everything to begin with. I would suggest going with the Omega. I have been to the Omega plant several times here in Iowa, as well as seen many showrooms filled with all brands from Omega, KM, birtch, etc. Omega, even the Dynasty, is definately a high end, very nice cabinet. Pricey, but a great, long lasting cabinet with a great warranty and service to back it up.

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Love, love, love my Omega Dynasty cabinets!

Plus, if you do need one or two Custom cabinets, you can usually order just the cabinets you need as Custom and order the rest in the semi-custom Dynasty line.

Their customer service, btw, is wonderful!

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