creating small laundry pls

elleninmaineFebruary 15, 2014

redoing gutted house but must keep same (small) footprint.

the room is primarily the laundry area but will also serve as
downstairs half bath.

sink will be nicer than laundry sink but deep enough to soak stuff or wash off muddy paws.

door will be pocket door.

would appreciate suggestions on layout, fixtures, etc.

(do NOT want stackers.)

thanks in advance!

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Are you going top load washer or front load? Your sketch looks like a top load washer where the dryer is, but it's labeled dryer. Typically best dryer performance is with the shortest vent set up, so all other things being equal, I would put the dryer against the outside wall.

Front control washer and dryer set might allow you to place a countertop above them for more folding space and a more built in look.

Good luck.

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yes, dryer headed for OUTSIDE wall. words are correct but diagrams are not. thank you, laundry vet.

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I just had mine installed in my new remodel.

This view of the cabinet shows the area that I will have my laundry detergants. I set up a LED light at the top of the unit 2/3 of the way back. There is an infrared on/off switch that I installed too. There is an outlet in this cabinet on the right lower side, for an iron.

I planned for easy access to water shut off and dryer vent cleaning. Though I do have to unload the shelves to reach the vent for cleaning. The lower shelf in this picture has a false back that I can pull out to reach the water levers. The shelf raises out to give full access.

Along with the ironing board and outlet for the iron, I will be putting in a vallet rod inside the cabinet to use for a few items. I don't iron a lot but when I do, I have always hated having to haul the ironing board out of a closet and get the iron out of another closet. This will be so wonderful. Even if I am having to iron backwards from my usual way of ironing. I have used it a few times and love it.

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