October Healthy Check-in

hhirenoOctober 1, 2012

It's October 1st, time to take stock of our health and fitness.

Gibby, how are you doing? Have your medications caused any weight gain? Are you feeling okay otherwise?

How about the rest of you - cyn, mitch, sueb, kelly, kiki, awm, beth, blenton, marlene, and anyone else I might have missed? What's new and healthy in your life? Do we still have any interest in checking in with each other?

Things are the same here, which is good. Still working out, still keeping a close eye on my diet. I find the rowing machine painfully dull but it does give my hip a break from the elliptical so I continue to mix it up. Some of the pants and jeans I put away in the beginning of summer are loose -yay! I'll be looking to replace those in the next few weeks.

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I have been doing some new things and some old things in new ways so will check in. Glad you started a Fall thread!!

I have been a runner since 1978 . Over the years I have run alone and then at times , for as long as 13 years but usually 3 years, I have run with folks. I had someone approach me 2 weeks ago and ask if I would run on roads with her 3 x a week. I am not fond of running on roads, since I discovered trails in 1996, but I didn't want to say no. So we have done 4 runs together and it is really fun. We ran in the rain this AM and she smiled the whole time...my kind of woman ! I love to run in the rain.

The second new thing is walking on trails in the woods with a friend. She has had some really serious health issues, lymphoma of the stomach , and recently completed radiation. We have known each other for over 30 years but have never spent a lot of time together and never "exercising". So I have met her now 3 times and we have walked for 2 - 2 1/2 hrs each time on trails. It has been great. We amble along and talk the whole time. She looks wonderful and has color in her cheeks and we have discovered a new friendship.

I am amazed at myself for enjoying this as I have gotten pretty solitary these past few years. My pool swimming came to an abrupt stop as the liner gave out and the pool guy messed up the new one as he installed it a week ago...so by the time we get #2 liner in I am pretty sure it will be too cool to swim anymore this year. I have been biking for errands but otherwise no long distance. DH and I are doing only vegetarian foods these days , have come and gone with this over the 41 yrs we have been married and am enjoying the change . I have kept my weight at almost what it had gotten down to after the bike trip..I had lost 13# in 5 weeks ! I ate like a horse but the cold and rain and long miles with wind took a tole. I am enjoying the way I feel. I haven't made it back to the gym since I got home from the bike ride but that is on the agenda for this week.

Look forward to hearing what everyone will be doing this Fall. c

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Thank you for starting this thread!

I had a really busy Summer of working and playing house mom to a gang of fifteen-year-old boys. My own needs went right out the window. I ate too much, drank too much and definitely didn't do much strenuous exercise. (save my waitressing job, swimming and gardening).

Today I decided to join my BIL at the local crossfit gym. He has been going all summer and looks amazing. Better than that he feels great. He swears I can do it, so I'm going to give it a shot. I've always loved a good workout..hoping I can do it! I will call there tomorrow and have my first training session on Saturday. Wish me luck!!

Beth P.

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I don't post much, but I'd love to chime in here.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in early Dec. 2011. This year has been dealing with a little bit of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation. I called it my treatment triatholon. lol

I finished all that the first week of August and have been slowly regaining strength, appetite, and energy. Chemo drugs made me gain water weight, but most of that is gone. I'm truly beginning to gain weight again as my body recovers. During chemo I lived on cream of potato soup, ice cream, and ranch dressing. I guess I'm going to have to cut back now. lol

Two weeks ago, I went to a gentle yoga class. Oh my, that first hour class wiped me out for a day. But it felt sooooo good. Yoga class 2x a week is in the budget for the forseeable future. I feel strong and healthy after a class.

Dh and I walked almost a mile yesterday! That's a big deal. Prior to treatment I was a 2.5 or 3 mile a day walker. There were days during treatment when making it from the bedroom to the couch was an achievement. I love being able to get outside and walk a bit. I hope to do that on days when I don't go to yoga.

And...I combed my hair this weekend. Been a long time since I did that. :0) It's not much, but I've put all my hats away.

trailrunner, I love hearing how active you are. My neck and back won't let me run, but I love hiking trails around our area. Can't wait to get back to that. Give your walking buddy a hug from me.

Thanks for letting me share. I'm proud of how tough I am.

All of you have had mammograms recently, right?

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Hello all, May I come out of lurkdom to join this thread? I followed the previous one and found it helpful though I did not post. Sort of how I feel about all gardenweb decor/convo threads! I am interested to hear about Beth's crossfit experience as I have been contemplating it seriously for a couple of months. I have been working with a trainer a few times a week for 2 years and am in the best shape of my life (at 51) but am feeling I need a new challenge...a bit scared of that intensity though. I also jazzercise 4-5 times per week and will hike/walk more now that it is cooler. My real trouble is with diet...I'll do well for a while, get within a pound or 2 of my goal, then BAM...lose control. Working on that right now, not too successfully. Hope it's OK to join in. I find y'all to be so inspiring!

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Happy, thanks for sharing and congratulations on getting better. You're an inspiration to me!

Beth p

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What fun to have new voices !! I hope even more join in. It is so reassuring to hear what others are doing. Just when you think that you can't do it or are sick of doing it or are never going to start doing "it" ..someone posts and you are doing "IT " !! Witness how the hooping thread took off.

I may yet get one :) jmck, I can't imagine going to all the classes but I am impressed that you do. Beth's cross fit sounds TOUGH !! Can't think that I will do that either...but then when I read how she is progressing ...who knows.

happy...I sure will give Emily a hug from you ...and me. She is about 80 # of amazing energy. Our DH's worked together and had lunch together for 31 years. We have been in the same church for about 15 years. We have "hugged each other's necks" for all of those years and promised to get together. And then BAM !! It happened. What a gift to each of us this has been. She has to wait till the next biopsy of her stomach tissue to find out if the radiation helped. We are so hopeful that is has but with MALT it is a crap shoot and she has a very rare and mostly unknown type.

I am SO glad hh posted this today. c

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Glad to see these posts! I'm still doing ww, down 5 lbs last week and 1lb this week, so I'm pleased with myself about that. And weirdly after reading several books about special forces training programs this month, I ended up with a special forces trainer recommended yoga video for strengthening injured back and core muscles, it is not the slickest production in the world, but it is really helping me with some lower back issues!

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My health goal is to find a new gym. The one we've been at for years is too expensive. We don't have many choices where I live. I am thinking of signing up at the local yoga studio instead of a full service gym.

Another health goal is to stop snacking at night. That is really hard. I am trying to substitute cut vegetables for carb-y snacks and drink more water plus remember to take my vitamins.

There are other things I'd like to do but I'd be satisfied with these smaller steps for now.

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My health goal is to find a new gym. The one we've been at for years is too expensive. We don't have many choices where I live. I am thinking of signing up at the local yoga studio instead of a full service gym.

Another health goal is to stop snacking at night. That is really hard. I am trying to substitute cut vegetables for carb-y snacks and drink more water plus remember to take my vitamins.

There are other things I'd like to do but I'd be satisfied with these smaller steps for now.

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Well, I've been avoiding these threads because as I age, I haven't been feeling that healthy. I tried running and did it for about 5 months, but at the end of August I realized I hated every minute of it and missed the walking I had done the summer before, so I'm trying to make time for that.

My big thing right now is that i'm trying to move towards a plant based diet. We still have meat about 3 times a week, but the major change is getting rid of most of the dairy. I still eat as much as I've always done, but have lost 5 pounds.

Judithn, after hearing Oprah say she didn't eat anything after 7pm - not even a grape, I did the same for about 7 years. I remember the first 2 weeks were tough, but after that I didn't miss it at all. It's just that initial training of your body not to expect anything at that time. It helped to brush my teeth right after supper.

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Wow, look at all these responses. I'm happy to see there is still an interest in this type of thread.

As always, I'm inspired by Trail and her idea to meet up with new people to exercise. I, too, am a loner when it comes to exercise but it sounds like a wonderful idea to invite someone to join me. I can deepen a friendship while we both work on staying healthy.

Look at you HappyinTexas, you completed your first triathlon - the really hard way. Thank you for chiming in with your story. I'm sure your great attitude helped make the last few months a tad easier.

Hey Bethpen, I am impressed you will be joining (note I said joining, not trying) the crossfit group. Please report back, I'm intrigued by this.

Welcome jmck, the more the merrier is our philosophy (except when it comes to pounds). After reading Mindless Eating by Brian Wansink, I cut back my calories by 100-200 each day and have lost 2 pounds since July. I just slightly reduced my portions, not even enough to notice a difference and feel hungry. The book claims that you can lose 10+ pounds in a year that way.

Hi Kiki, nice to 'see' you again. Good job sticking with the ww plan. Eight years ago, I lost 24 pounds that way. I really did LOL about not the slickest production.

Judithn, you're on the right track with your small steps. I read The Small Change Diet by Keri Gans and she suggests making one small change at a time, master it, and the move on. Much of the book is stuff we already know but it's often helpful to be reminded to help focus on what we can be or should be doing.

Daisychain, it was smart to quit the running if you hate it. I have never tried running because I just know it's not something I want to do. I don't hate the rowing machine, yet, but it's definitely a mental work out to do it.

Maybe some others will also report in. I find it inspirational to read about your successes and challenges. Now I feel as though I should set a new goal for myself so I'll have something to report next month. Hmmm...what should it be?

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I was checking in earlier in the year. I had steadily lost about 16 lbs over the first half of the year. Then my father died suddenly, and I am pretty sure since July, I have put a lot of it back on b/c I have just not been eating right at all.

I just did a 4 mile walk at the park, and man, I am sore, but it feels good to start getting back on track.

Good for all of you for keeping up with your lifestyle changes!!

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I'm also one of those who started out with good intentions but they fell by the wayside. Life is just too busy! So I am working at making time for taking care of ME. I want to keep my good health! My husband is all for it too so we are working at eating healthy - which we mostly do, but we are trying to cut back on meat, cheese and the white stuff. LOL Also working at getting more exercise. I go back to my doctor in January and hope to lose a few pounds by then. Really, I will be happy with maintaining through the holiday season.


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Hi all - thanks for posting this hhireno and thanks for asking about me. I'm doing great - feeling very well and hopefully it will stay this way for a long time. Thoroughly enjoying each and every day though - just in case it doesn't. I've done pretty well battling the "compulsive eating disorder" caused by my new medication. At the moment less than one lb over my goal weight so not bad. I was a few lbs under my goal before I started taking it though so I have gained a few lbs. The only bad thing is I'm sometimes responding to the compulsive urge to eat with things like diet soda and sugar free gum. Oh well - I'll take my chances with that vs. gaining 50-60 lbs!!

Still doing well with exercise - walking, stationary bike, yoga and a little tennis and kayaking this summer. I was so happy not to have much of a setback with exercise after my hyster surgery in June. Started walking after two weeks and back at everything including yoga at eight weeks.

And my husband is home from his remote assigment, albeit unemployed but hey, life is good!!

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Wow, you ladies are inspiring! I am not up to anything that compares, but a few months ago I changed the carb-based vegetarian diet I've had for the past 25 years.

I haven't totally eliminated grain-based foods and don't plan to, but I've moved from them being the mainstay of what I eat each day to them being a single serving at most in a given day and many days none at all.

This change was prompted by frustration as I've gotten older with how my body responds to carbs--more and more, they put me to sleep. The last two years in school and now with a full-time job, I need to be alert and active after meals--I can't afford the after-lunch doldrums.

I've been very successful with keeping my energy level stable all day, and even though I am eating far more than before, I have lost 14 pounds. I am still a vegetarian, so I can't follow the low-carb lifestyle completely, but I've been very happy with my results. Being able to wear pants I thought were too small last year has been a bonus.

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Have been reading all the thoughts with great interest too. I sometimes give myself a mantra to work on and my latest is that I want to be comfortable in my body. At 55, I am sedentary and although I am blessed to be light framed with no weight issues, I have a severe lack of muscle tone, coordination, balance and endurance. I signed up for a Pilates beginner class this fall and it's been embarrassing and humbling to try to do the exercises. Doesn't help that the only beginner section is at 6:30 am twice a week (yawn). I was going to finish the session, which ends next Monday, and not continue until today when the others in my class were all talking so matter of factly about when they would be taking Pilates next session. And that made me stop and realize: it's' hard, I"m not very good at it and so I BETTER KEEP IT UP! It also made me realize that it's way past time to start back with some of the other stuff I"ve done in the past but dropped: running-although I use the term advisedly. Lifting some free weights while I watch the evening news with my husband. I am going to go to a tai chi class on Sunday to check that out, and then may sign up for that too.

So now it's time to focus on being comfortable in my body. I"m going to work hard so I don't cringe when I look at that mirrored wall in front of the Pilates reformer and see my hunched over back and those old lady arms swinging to and fro! And I want my legs to feel as strong and hard as they used to when I was running a few times a week, and I definitely want to feel that great surge of endorphins I loved feeling as I biked back home from the track afterward.

And too, it is part of a spiritual journey. As I'm finishing the active stages of parenting I am more aware that there is now time to take care of myself. And time passing reminds me that taking care of myself is an investment in my own future. I religiously put money away for retirement. I better start depositing into the bank of good health with exercise, diet and mindfulness or I won't be enjoying those dollars anyway right?!


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leafy: I would be interested in seeing a one day food plan that depicts what you are eating . If you have time. I love carbs and have always eaten lots of them but DH is not as good with them as far as them being burned off as I am so perhaps I can compromise and give him something that will meet his needs and mine. TIA !!

Ann...your take on all of this is so inspiring. If it is OK with you I am going to quote your last paragraph to some friends ...what a wonderful way to express this next stage that many of us are entering.

Gibby : I am so glad you are doing so well with the meds and fitness. You are a tower of strength both physical and mental .

Tina and polly , if ever there was a check in that would inspire this is the one. GOOD LUCK to you both.

This is turning out to be a really great Check in !! c

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Please may I join in? I hope this post is not too long!

A few years ago, after steadily gaining 30lbs in 20 years, I decided to start running again. It had been about 15 years since I had exercised although I have always been active, doing a lot of heavy physical work in building our house and garden.
My first 'run' was a total disaster! About 500 feet in I was gasping for breath, I felt sick, and my legs were giving way! I literally could not run! I sank to the pavement and sobbed! That moment was one of the most wretched, humiliating, and shocking of my life! How could I have let myself go to that degree?
I had two choices at that point, accept that being unfit was just part of my middle age, or push through the discomfort to get myself fit again.
Since then I have run almost every day. I usually run 5 miles although sometimes it is 7. On the days it is just too hot to run I run intervals/inclines on the treadmill. I also swim some days, occasionally hoola hoop or do other exercise. My weight dropped steadily once I started running and within a few months I had lost the 30lbs.
One day I overheard two women talking in a fitting room. One said sadly "Oh well, I know I'll never be a size xx again!" The other woman felt the same way about herself. I remembered experiencing the same defeatist thoughts myself not too long before as I contemplated clothing in large rather than medium sizes, yet there I was in my late 50's, slipping into a size 2.

However this post is not really about me.
DH's 4 siblings and their spouses visit us regularly from out of state. They always wanted to eat almost every meal at our local restaurants (you can see why my weight had increased!) When they saw the changes in the new me they decided, to my surprise and delight, to try our diet, which has always been very healthy, and to eat my cooked from scratch meals at our home. They began walking my route while I ran.
When they returned home they continued their new healthy diets. One BIL now walks everywhere, another BIL and his wife joined a gym, 2 of my SILs began running for the first time in their lives and are now addicted. One of them is 65 and says she feels better physically and mentally than she has ever felt in her life! Her daughter and granddaughter have started running. My other SIL is running 5K races! We all run together whenever we, or they, visit. It's great fun.

DH who was raised on unhealthy food has, over our years together, become quite educated on the subject of diet. He is able to contribute to spontaneous discussions about health and fitness at his business that led to a group of his employees deciding to hold a weight loss competition. The incentive was a money prize that we donated, plus a contribution from each entrant. They all lost a lot of weight but the money prize is still unclaimed! Each month the winner refuses to take it, saying that their weight loss and good health is the prize!

One of them began running too. Her DH then started running and is now running 6 miles per day. She has changed her family's diet and is eager to learn more, even using my recipe to bake her own wholewheat bread, of which she is justifiably very proud. She has 6 kids, works 4 days a week, goes to school on the other day, makes healthy meals and bakes her own bread! And at their eager request she has taught her DS and DD how to bake bread too! Now 15lbs lighter, and looking and feeling great, she is very grateful for my inspiration and help but I tell her that I was inspired by someone else (I was) and that who knows how many people she is herself now inspiring to get healthy. This idea motivates her.

To my great surprise, regaining my own fitness has impacted numerous others. There may be people lurking out there perhaps feeling overwhelmed by the mountain they feel they have to climb, reading these threads about our progress and small victories, who will be inspired to get started on their own healthier future. I sure hope so!

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Holy moly, sis3! What a wonderful story.

Do you know what I like about these type of threads? There's always something to learn from both the good and bad experiences of others. I appreciate hearing from the regulars and the new people who have joined us in our quest for better health.

I'll be away next week with my SIL. She is very unhappy with her weight but admitted, in July when we discussed it, that she just wasn't ready to do anything about it yet. She even did a weight loss program through her job but she had a reason why everything they suggested wouldn't work for her. She is an expert at setting up her own roadblocks for any success.

Maybe one of my goals for this month should be to gently guide her into making better food choices (her diet is atrocious). I've lost 2 pounds since July just by making small tweaks to my eating. I still drink wine. I still eat an occasional dessert. I don't spend the day hungry and thinking about food (actually, I do spend the day thinking about food but not in the "I'm on a diet and desperate" way. I enjoy food & cooking.). I hope she is more receptive to healthy ideas but I'm afraid she'll say "but I'm on vacation". To paraphrase Robert Kennedy: If not now, when?

I guess I can only offer to give my advice and hope that she is receptive to it now. Wish me luck.

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I'm going to jump in here, too:) I was inspired to lose a few pounds earlier this year for an upcoming family wedding. I thought I was doing everything right (decent diet, moderate exercise). However, at Christmas I observed my 33 y.o. DD's diet and exercise plan and realized I wasn't doing nearly enough. She was a huge inspiration to me. She exercises every day and her diet is much better than mine was. I began using our treadmill every day (actually working up a sweat which I used to avoid!) along w/simple floor exercises. I incorporated at least one salad a day into my diet, cut back on sweets. By early summer, in time for DS's wedding, I was back in size 4-6's, down from a 10...woo-hoo!! It is really fun to go clothes shopping now. I've incorporated yoga and pilates dvd's into my routine as well as hooping, light weights, and at least once a week hikes w/a friend. I'll be 63 soon and regularly mistaken for much younger (just last wknd mistaken for 40-50 "ish" by a friend of DD's). I know being a smaller size is a contributing factor and, for me, there's no going back!! (Good luck w/your SIL, hhireno!)

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happy, I'm glad all this is behind you, what a celebration for you when 2012 ends ! I did not know you went through all this.

"when you know better, you do better"

I heard Oprah say this last year, and I don't even know if it's original to her but I find that these check-in threads do just that, give me more knowledge and also enlighten and inspire me, remind me to do better actually.

I just came back from the gym, it was mid afternoon and I was promising myself to do my full workout tomorrow morning, then I thought, "why not do a mini workout now !" and I did just that. I find that it motivates me for the next day, as opposed to feeling defeated that I did not exercise that day.
I flew yesterday so the mini workout energized me somewhat.

DS has been gluten free and dairy free for almost a year, and I've been inspired
by his food choices , it's been fun learning about it. DD has always been very low card and It's been good for me to discuss with her what she eats. She's an athlete and has her eating in control, as much for weight as for building muscle. They are my inspiration although I don't adhere to any strict regimen myself, I have incorporated healthy changes and kept my weight down.

I turned 60 this year and felt a definite bulging of my middle, I'm short waisted so that's always been my problem area. All this to say I love this thread and reading all your stories, let's keep it up !

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wow sis 3 and funnygirl you guys are amazing. HH Isn't it great to be inspired to try something new ???!

DH and I went out to check out some new trails today. They built them to replace and add to old trails that I used to run back in 1995. Anyway one thing led to another and he ended up hiking and I ran for 2 1/2 hrs . Felt great. We went to the gym yesterday for the first time since I left on my bike trip, end of May. Eye opener that !! I always tell folks you can cross train but running makes you run better and biking makes you bike better...etc. It ALL counts but each thing has its own level of expertise. I did 1 hr of light/med and called it a day.

One good thing about never having stopped working out is the base that you get. I started lifting weights in 1982-Oct...so it has been 30 years this month and I have never stopped. Running since 1978 and biking since 1993 or so and trail running since 1995 and mountain biking that same year. I don't do something every day anymore but I don't really need to. I will be 62 in Dec. and after racing 24 ultras on trails and doing 3 long bike tours these past 3 years and countless road races all the other decades I mostly just "goof off " !!

Because of this thread I am going to offer an "adventure " fitness package at our church auction in December. I know there are a lot of women out there that would love to go run/hike on trails or get started mountain or road biking or work out in some way but have no one to ask to go with them and assume that no one who REALLY knows how to do these things will want to go slow. I am going to offer an adventure tailored to each individual woman and see how many I can reach. Will benefit them and me and my church too . I am SO glad so many enthusiastic folks have joined in here. c

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Happyintexas and Gibby.....wonderful news!!! :-)

At 64, I so appreciate that I am physically able to exercise to the extent that I do, and I do believe that's what helps me keep it up.

I use my elliptical or treadmill about an hour a day, six days a week, always changing the speed and incline and intensity. I weight train every other day. The other day I was able to leg press 150 lbs (38 lbs more than I weigh) and do the lat pulldown at 140 lbs.

The physical benefits of exercise are endless...but the mental benefits are, for me, even more beneficial!

Oh and Sis! I just love how you've been such a great role model and inspiration for others.

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I have been exercising regularly, 3-4 times a week and sometimes more, but at varying intensity, since the kids have gone back to school. My one-hour Zumba class is the most intense. An hour walk around the pond is the least intense. I have been doing it all with a neighbor, which is helpful. Exercise is so much more fun with a friend! We also have been doing a walk/run program -- it's a "couch to 5k" app on the iPhone -- not consistently enough to be thinking about actually running a 5k, but just as another exercise option (it's a good one when we're pressed for time because it's only 1/2 hour).

What I can't seem to get a consistent handle on is the food! I'll be "good" for a week, then it was my birthday...then it was a weekend with several restaurant meals...and so on. My HS reunion is coming up and I've come to the shocking realization that I have gained almost 30 lbs in 30 years. I don't expect to ever weigh again what I weighed in high school, but I definitely need to drop at least 10 lbs.

I do think all the exercise has done something, though, even if the scale says I've only lost 1 pound. My jeans are looser than they were at the end of the summer! Also, my blood pressure was borderline high and when it was checked a few weeks ago, it was 120/80 -- and that was at the dentist's office, where my anxiety level is usually through the roof!

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HappyInTexas, how good to hear from you! I'd forgotten you were ill. My prayers for your continuing recovery.

After training for RAGBRAI, I took a break in August to get at other things that needed to be done. But my instructors are back from summer vacation now, so back to spinning & kettlebells.

My kettlebells instructor occasional sets up stations for us to do. Last week, we did stations outside, and one of the stations was to flip a heavy car tire over, hop in the middle of it, hop out, repeat. Couldn't believe how "tired" I was after four flips & hops!

Thanks to hhireno for reviving this group.

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Everyone's stories are so inspiring and I have enjoyed each person's take on fitness. I would love to hear more about people's food choices. I am a big carb lover and that is usually my downfall. If I could get that under control I know I would lose the weight I'd like to lose. Just reading the conversation here inspired me try harder. Thanks to all who are participating!

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"leafy: I would be interested in seeing a one day food plan that depicts what you are eating ."

Sure Trail. Keep in mind, I don't actually count grams of carbs or anything, I just skip the grain-based carbs I used to eat so much of.

A typical day:

Before work: black tea with whole milk and sugar.
Around 9 or 10am, whenever I get hungry: a cup or so of cottage cheese or greek yogurt, maybe a banana. I don't care whether the yogurt is full fat or low fat--I just eat whatever the kids and DH buy when they shop. Usually it's unflavored as I find the flavors a bit sweet.

While at work--whenever time allows during the day, as there is no real lunch hour: a can of chick peas made into salad with lemon juice, mayo, parsley and a red pepper or grape tomatoes. Plus two wedges of laughing cow cheese, grapes, and handfuls of cashews and/or almonds. Plus 2-3 coffees with half and half or whole milk. And sometimes another yogurt.

Dinner: varies widely, could be some pasta or veggie stir-fry, a bean burrito or veggie soup. And a beer!

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leafy..haha! Having wine and pizza while listening to the debate :) A big salad too...

Thank you for your rundown. I eat more earlier in the day usually. We only eat plain full fat yogurt, not Greek, and I have fresh fruit with it and homemade granola . Sometimes I have a bagel and butter with homemade jam. I have 2 cups of coffee every AM with 1/2 and 1/2 but that is all the coffee I can have ...I am so sensitive to caffein.

Lunch is whatever DH is having or leftovers from supper or a repeat of the granola/fruit/yogurt. Sometimes it is just homemade bread and cheese and an apple. I may make a big chef salad..I am a salad freak,...DH not so much.

Supper is a bigger meal and more of an occasion for DH and I. We love to cook and make our evening meal something that takes time to make. He often cooks a 2-3 course Chinese stir fry , he is a great cook. I make a lot of different cuisines so you never know what will be on the menu. We make our own pasta and I make a lot of breads. We rarely have any dessert but fruit unless DH makes his biscotti , which he did this weekend . We eat a lot of almonds and pecans.

Thank you for the breakdown. We pretty much eat the same food groups , I am always interested in other's eating habits.

This has definitely been the most informative check in ever !

Mitch, I am curious how your DD's diet is low on carbs and she has the energy for her workouts ??? It would be great if everyone would now chime in with a sample food plan day. I am learning SO much . c

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How fun and interesting to hear from so many people!! So many inspiring stories. It was such a nice evening here - could be our last warm day until spring. Left work early to get a brisk walk in with DH before dark - the leaves are just spectacular. Later I jumped on the stationary bike for 40 mins during the debate. Had wonderful curry ginger butternut squash soup for dinner - yummy!! Great thing about having the stay at home DH is I pick out new Cooking Light recipes and he makes them for dinner. The quality of my workday dinners has improved immensely! All in all I managed to burn off more than I consumed in spite of a potluck lunch at the office. That's the kind of thing you have to stay away from when you have a medication induced compulsive eating disorder.

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Breakfast- home made muesli (various grains, seeds, nuts and dried fruits) with unsweetened almond milk or unsweetened soy milk.
Lunch- salad, or sandwich made with home made wholewheat bread and almond butter (my current rather strange favorite is banana and walnut!)
Snack - an apple
Dinner - fish or chicken dish (with a variety of vegetables) from any of the cuisines from around the world, Thai, Indian, British, French, American, Chinese Italian etc. Or vegetarian dish. Fruit and fat free Greek yogurt, with honey.

We never eat fast foods. I cook and bake from scratch every day. We don't eat store bought bread or cakes and pastries. We have had one red meat meal in 5 months. We eat a lot of fish including salmon and tuna and various types of white fish, and organic poultry. I was a vegetarian for 12 years so it is no problem to cook at least one veggie meal per week. I use a variety of herbs and spices and very little salt. My focus is on organic, low saturated fat foods, quality rather than quantity, flavor and variety.
We never drink sodas, just tea, coffee or water. DH likes a glass of wine with his dinner but I rarely drink wine these days.

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Trail, DD eats 4 or 5 times a day usually , eggs in the morning, protein at lunch or dinner, or both, lots of vegetables ; she will have oatmeal in the morning sometimes. she aims to not have carbs after 3 p.m.
Except 24 hours before a game, she'll have pasta; her snacks can be greek yogurt, soup, banana, small salad.

She's a roller derby player and trains at the gym almost daily, she has a protein drink right after training. That's as far as I can remember.

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There are whole websites dedicated to folks who work out, run marathons etc with low carbs. Apparently if you convert your body to burn fat instead of sugar, you can run marathons on steak and eggs. Not that I have tested it--my "workouts" consist of walking the dog around the block.

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Interesting that my diet when I am riding 50 - 75 miles every day on tour is exactly as leafy writes in her last post and mitch writes about her DD and when I am home and only in training for "life" it is identical to what sis , gibby and leafy initially wrote. So there you go.

I don't eat the large amount of proteins unless I am burning them and as leafy points out it is possible to convert to that . I have no problem eating 4000-5000 calories a day with high quality protein when I am touring. When I get back home that all stops and I go back to more fruits and vegetables and a lot of dairy...I have to have some protein and I love dairy and lots of grains as I too make everything from scratch and I love my breads and bagels.

I agree with Gibby that this has been a most rewarding conversation. c

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I'm glad to see that everyone is doing well especially happyintexas. It's been a while since we've had a check-in. I'm still running 3x a week, I've been running since 1977 (I'm now 59) but now run mainly on the trails. I've been a gym rat for years but about 5 years ago decided to get more serious about and joined a high-end sports gym. Their goal is to be a support for your outside-of-the-gym sport. Everyone that goes has another sport that they do and the classes that I go to have people that vary in age from late 30's to mid 60's. And the trainers don't care how old you are and the workouts are tough. There are a lot of runners, some women boxers, some hockey players. The classes have made a huge difference in terms of balance, core strength, shoulder strength, etc. No dowagers hump for me! It's just so much easier to move now and I have probably extended my running by 10 years.

Many of you know that in 2009 I lost 42 lbs. The driving force was high blood pressure, I had always exercised and ate well. But I just ate too much. The way I did it was to break down what I was eating each day. I learned that 1 lb has 3500 calories in it and if you want to lose a pound a week you have to find 500 calories a day that aren't necessary. So I got rid of that scone that I ate at 10 am and the cheese and crackers that I ate at 4 pm. My excuse for eating the scone was - oh I had run that morning I can have this as a reward - doesn't work that way. At 4 pm I do get hungary and so I substituted fruit for the cheese and crackers and that was enough. I also stopped going back for those seconds at dinner. So 500 calories found that I did not need and I started to drop the weight. It took 9 months but 3 years later it is still off.

Mitch - I would love to know how your DS does the gluten free eating. I really do love my bread so what does he do to get around those cravings. I know you can buy gluten free bread but I wonder how does it taste. I'm wondering if gluten free would help with the arthritis in my hands and with just general aging.

Thanks hhirreno for asking after us. Appreciate it.

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I thought I'd report in on my Crossfit experience so far.

For the record, I'm 46 and not in particularly great shape. My legs are strong, but not a ton of upper body strength. I'd like to lose about 30 pounds.

So the first day I went and met with the owner of the gym for a tour and assessment. She had me row 500 meters. She checked out how I do at pushups (not so good!) so showed me how to do them on a box. The box will get shorter until I can do them properly on the ground. Same with Squats. Until I'm stronger I can do squats holding a ring attached to an overhead bar. Situps, and stuff like that. I was sore the next day. Monday I went back to learn the proper form for the squat moves that are part of the daily workouts. I have appointments on Wednesday and Friday for more training. They seem to have an answer for any moves that I didn't think I could do.

One thing that was sort of funny. They have these boxes that you are supposed to jump up on. So she brought the box over, about 12" tall, and I couldn't do it. Physically I could do it, but my brain really didn't want to try! Finally she let me hold her arm and I hopped up on the box, but it was awkward and loud and really uncomfortable for me. She assured me that it was quite common, but I felt foolish. Finally she moved the box to a spot where I could hold on to two giant elastic bands to help me feel more comfortable. Thinking about it, when was the last time I hopped up on anything like that? Not since I was a kid I'm sure.

It is very intimidating. There are people moving quickly from one exercise to the next quickly. Big looking weights and RUNNING involved. My BIL says if you don't run you can do more rowing. Most of the people look to be over 30 and seem to be there for working out, not social hour. I was a little disappointed in my lack of skills when I left there, but have committed myself to stick to it for a month.

They recommend a paleo diet and really encourage giving up sugar. (this is via the website, nobody talked about diet while I was there). In the past I have done well with a low-carb diet so I've decided to get back on that bandwagon. As much as I liked Weight Watchers, I haven't been very successful at sticking to it. Cutting out sugar can't be a bad idea. :)

That's the report! My legs are sore, but in a good way.

Beth P.

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I wanted to drink more water and remember to take my vitamins. The only thing I've done to make this happen is get one of those daily pill containers with separate chambers for every day's pills. I leave it near the sink in my bathroom which reminds me to take the vitamins. I also am thinking that I will fill a carafe with water and keep it in the fridge and finish it during the day. I can't remember how much water I have or haven't had during the day otherwise. I am still trying to find a new gym. I went to a Hatha Yoga class last night to stretch my back. I have lots of problems with my lower back and I want to try to keep my hamstrings and quads loose. I found lots of exercises online that are supposed to help your SI joint, that's where my trouble is. So: Water. Vitamins. Stretching. I would like to lose 10 lbs (who doesn't, right?) but I've been down that road so many times. I'm just concentrating on little fixes right now.

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Thanks for reporting back about Crossfit! I am still undecided if I will try it so keep posting your experiences. I had an interaction with a doctor last week (not my pc) about losing 30 pounds. While that is not a realistic goal for me and he was inappropriate in how he treated me, it did get me motivated to try harder. So, I am trying to stay motivated, but I'm so hungry! I think I need more protein in my diet...not my favorite but I am trying to substitute some protein for carbs.

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I will throw this out there for those of you looking for a safe and effective way to lose weight. Use the diabetic assoc meal plans. They come in many calorie counts. 1200/1500/1800/2000. You will not find a published diet anywhere that is as well thought out or as safe as these plans ...note they are not called diets ! There are no diets that eliminate or restrict food groups to the point of imbalance that are healthy. The diabetic plans include everything in moderation. They also have substitutions in their tables. You will lose weight, control carb intake and importantly eat ALL food groups in healthy portions. I taught these plans for all the years I practiced as an RN. I will link to them below. GOOD LUCK !! This thread has been wonderful . c

Here is a link that might be useful: ADA meal plans

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trailrunner, I like calling it a meal PLAN instead of a diet. I'm going to take a look at those.

On my big push to drink more water, I filled a cleaned empty carafe, one of the ones that originally held orange juice, and filled it with filtered water. It was a 64 ounce container. Put it in the fridge to keep it chilled. I had a little in the morning and afternoon but What amazed me was that by dinner that durned thing was still three quarters full. I know I haven't been drinking enough water and this was proof. I did finish it that evening but clearly I have to shift the water drinking to an earlier time if I want to get a good night's sleep, if you know what I mean.

Putting my vitamins in the little pill container seems to work very well. I feel like I've been sloppy with my medicine and vitamin compliance. The easier I make this the better it is for me.

I stretched on my yoga mat at home yesterday afternoon and listened to some meditation tapes. I found free meditation podcasts online and I like this particular teacher's voice very much. The meditations are only about 20 minutes long but very restful.

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judith it sounds like you are doing everything right. I will link below to a site that has wonderful dharma talks to listen to when meditating or when you need to hear a specific talk. We have found them most helpful.

The food plans from the ADA are fool proof and nutritionally sound unlike the fad "diets" that are prevalent everywhere and are specifically money makers for the people that write the books. They prey on folks that are in need of help and carefully thought out information. I am so glad you are going to give it a try.

Here is another sight also...DH knows Gil and has attended a 10 day retreat with him. http://www.audiodharma.org

One is Insight Meditation Society and the other is Insight Meditation Center.

Here is a link that might be useful: pod casts and dharma talks

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I don't have much to say - I'm in need of a little motivation myself. I run pretty regularly with several friends in the morning, but ever since my gym closed a few years ago, I've not been consistent with strength training. I joined a new gym last year, thinking I'd be motivated to go with a friend of mine who was going consistently, but she ended up moving out of state two months later and I've only been a handful of times since. I just emailed another friend the other day who also belongs there and told her she needs to drag me there, no excuses. I think part of the problem is that I run 4 days a week, and on the mornings I'm not running, I like having the morning to myself to get the house cleaned up after the kids have gone to school, start my laundry, etc. So to combat that, I'm going to start taking my kids to school every day (right now, dh takes them on his way to work on the days that I don't run). I have to drive right by the gym on the way home from their school, so this will compel me to stop.

I don't really have much weight to lose - 5lbs and keep it off, would be great, but ideally, if I lost 10 lbs, I'd be back to my young adult weight prior to kids. However, my weight has shifted all around and my belly is VERY saggy (four kids in six years - oy!). I've also noticed my arms are getting flabby too. Now that I'm solidly in middle age, with menopause coming in less than a decade, I must do something to get myself toned again. The running is great for my legs, but my upper body is suffering since I stopped going to the gym regularly. Last spring a couple of months of TRX classes, which I loved, but it wasn't enough. I need to do strength training at least 2x week, plus I want to do either pilates or yoga once a week.

I've got a couple of races on the horizon that keep me motivated to run, and tomorrow, I'm meeting my friend for pilates.

I need someone to keep me accountable!

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I'm hanging in. Still have a bunch of weight to lose even after winning my gym's biggest loser contest but I've just been maintaining (except for gaining back 8 pounds which was mostly water) over the last few months which is a huge accomplishment.

Maintaining is very difficult for me - I'm either gaining or losing. My problem is that I don't know how to be moderate. I'm either going 5 mph or 100 with no in between. My motivation to get losing again is really high right now since I just finished with a bout of pneumonia and I'm ready for some healthy vibes.

I feel pretty good about my eating - trying to stay at about 1400 per day, but I'm struggling to not go overboard with my workouts so I don't burnout. Usually, in weight loss mode, I workout up to 14 hours a week so I'm trying to do no more than seven per week.

Moderation is so foreign to me in all aspects of my life and it's something I need to learn how to do so I can be happy and healthy well into old age.

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Thanks for mentioning the diabetic diet. I followed it when I had gest. diabetes in my first pregnancy and found it very user friendly and I was not hungry...the opposite. Sometimes I just did not feel like eating my last snack of the day. I will try it and see if it helps get me going. THis week I have been MUCH more in control of my snacking (major problem area).
Thanks for posting everyone...just reading this helps with my motivation.

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I haven't participated in these threads in the past, but I'm happy to say that at age 55 I weigh less than I have in over 10 years, and am within 5 lbs of my high school weight. I wore a bikini (and looked damn good in it if I say so myself) and was able to successfully Stand Up Paddleboard in the ocean when I celebrated my birthday in Hawaii last month. What works for me is to exercise each day, and to split things up. I do run/walk intervals on my treadmill 5 days a week, and cover 5K in about 36 minutes. I have been able to increase my running intervals in time and speed. After work I try to hula hoop for about a half hour each day, which I find to relieve stress and energize me at the same time. Then I do a quick 15 - 20 minute weight training routine. Upper body one day, lower another then an ab routine. If I miss doing something one day I don't freak out, I just get back into the routine the next day. Congratulations to everyone who is working towards their fitness goals!

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4kids....yep the runner plague !! Great legs and then the rest...haha. It is a challenge to keep the upper body and torso strong when so much time ends up going to the actual running and life.

One thing that will help keep you motivated is the prospect of injuries if you keep on the way you are. The muscles only function as well as the ligaments and tendons that hold them in place . As you age and as you run you are putting more stress on the lig/ten and expecting them to continue to hold the muscles as they always have. With age and use you will find that they lose their rubbery quality and they will sag too ! You will get subtle hints at first and then more and more you will be nursing this and that and take longer and longer to get back. I am so glad you are going to change your routine and add the strength training back in. You are to be admired..4 kids in 6 years ! WOW !! Also the other part of this is that the stronger your upper body is the better it carries your lower body, this is more true on trails but also very true on up hills and down hills on roads. If you think about the ergonomics of the moves you can utilize your upper body to help support you when you are doing the ups/downs and it relieves the stress on the lower body. Also of course having strong muscles themselves promotes good posture and form and makes injury less likely. Good Luck and I hope you will post back.

Kelly it is SO good to hear back from you. I have wondered how you were doing. I agree that 14 hrs a week is way too much. It is too much to expect of your body and your mind to keep that up. Slow and steady is the way to lasting change. I sure hope you will continue to post back with your progress. We have seen so much support on this particular thread this month and I think it would be great to continue.

Judy that is so good to hear. It is indeed a steady and safe way to lose weight as well as a plan for a lifetime of healthy eating. As blfenton as noted she took of a lot of weight and did it in a slow and steady and rational way while exercising moderately. A lasting change is achieved over time night over night.

I sure am learning a lot here. I have kept up my runs with my new friend and my walks with my old friend. I did a 6 mile track run this AM and then a 3 mile trail walk this afternoon. I am tired now !! I went to the gym yesterday and did my usual workout and added in some new triceps exercise. Felt good and no soreness so the couple of months off didn't impact it seems. I look forward to lots more discussion here. c

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My sister in law is still resisting making any changes to her diet so I have given up making suggestions. If she's not ready, she's not ready and it's not my problem.

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