Laundry Room Dilemma

louisde1February 9, 2012

I just bought a home which has a laundry sink in it. Since the laundry room is so small, having the sink required me to stack my front loading washer and dryer on top of each other. I HATE this setup because I have to reach down near the floor to load and unload the washer and reach way up to see the controls on the dryer. I am thinking of having the sink removed so that I can have my washer and dryer set up side by side on pedestals. But so far, everyone tells me that I might be sorry if I do that because the sink can really come in handy over time. So, should I think twice about getting rid of it? What are your thoughts on this?

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I don't have and have never had a laundry room sink, so I guess I don't realize what I am missing.

Just what do you use the sink for? Do you find you use it often? Could you conveniently use someplace else? Do other family members use it often? Would it be an inconvenience to them if it was gone?

For hand washing something, I use either the kitchen sink, or a bathroom sink or tub. Buckets are filled in either the kitchen, bath, or at the faucet just outside the back door. 'Really' dirty things are washed off outside.


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I grew up in a house with the the washer draining into a big, deep laundry sink. I didn't care about it at the time, of course, but now that I am old I would love a sink again. I don't have the room for one but I am close enough to the kitchen sink to use that.

We used to do all sorts of messy things in that sink and it didn't matter. Many folks use them for washing the dog (or the kids). If you don't use it very much then you may not miss it - it all depends on your lifestyle. My machines are stacked and I don't consider it inconvenient but if it really bugs you then maybe the sink is not for you.

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We're putting one in our laundry room. We have the cabinets 85% installed and are just starting to shop for the sink we're putting in, but we are going with a stainless steel 9" depth.

My plan is for my husband to be able to clean paint brushes in the sink, for me to be able to handwash clothes in the sink, etc. So, I'm not saying it will get constant use but I definitely feel I would miss if it we didn't put it in. But, everyone's needs are different and if you don't already have plumbing in that space it is going to cost a decent amount so consider what you're needs really are.

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We had a sink in the laundry room of our first home. The laundry room was in the basement and the sink was never used.

Our second home had a main floor laundry near the back door I used the sink a lot. Muddy kids' boots, paint brushes and anything else I would rather not have in my kitchen. I never used it for anything laundry specific.

Our current home does not have a sink and I don't miss it at all. I think it depends a lot on the layout of your home and how you like to do things. Do you use the sink for anything that you couldn't do in another sink?

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We had the typical composite laundry sink in our tiny laundry room and after a few years I ended up removing it and capping off the water line & drain. Now we can use that space for laundry baskets and hanging items above, which helps quite a bit.

If you find yourself not using it much, don't hesitate to remove it. Just chuck it in the attic / crawl space and you can always have it re-installed if you decide to sell in the future.

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A slop sink is needed in every home, but if this sink is hindering you, remove it!
We are not getting any younger and I would recommend pedestals to reduce bending too far down into the machines.
Laundry is a weekly thing and if the setup not to your standards, it becomes very frustrating like toasting bread with a candle stick.....

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I have a smallish mud / laundry room right at the back door. It has an attached small 1/2 bath. When we updated the 1/2 bath ,I insisted on the biggest sink bowl I could reasonably fit on a 30" vanity. I use this as my laundry sink when I need to. It works.

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While I think a sink can be helpful do you find you use it? If you don't use it, I would get rid of it. Is it a greater pain to do laundry in the way you currently operate or a greater pain to once in a while have to use the kitchen sink for something that might've been done in the laundry room?

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