Light rail question?

dcward89January 9, 2014

If you have UCL and installed a light rail at the bottom of your upper cabinets, did you install the upper cabinet a bit higher to account for the height of the light rail, keeping the distance between countertop and bottom of light rail at 18"...or did you keep the bottom of the cabinet itself 18" from the countertop?

We are using Barker Cabinets so we can have the uppers any height we specify. I want the cabinets + crown to go all the way to the ceiling so if I'm wondering if I need to adjust the height to account for the light rail. Any pics would be lovely!

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My cabinets were not installed any higher to compensate. They were installed at the standard height. Funny because I actually thought of this issue during the installation because I was concerned that my kitchenaid mixer would no longer fit under the new cabinets because of the light rail, but it fits just fine.

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I moved mine up so I have 18" clear. I guess I knew I'd be getting a vitamix.

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Do you need the clearance for appliances, or are you short? Moving them up could make it difficult to reach the second or third shelf in the cabinets. My cabinets are at 24" above the counter! (Was that way when we bought the house! Ugh!) I cant reach the third shelf at all, and just the front of the second shelf. We are replacing cabinets and lowering them at the end of this month, but I plan to set the bottom at 20" to leave plenty of counter clearance. Although I dont like the reach in the cabinets, I do feel that my kitchen looks larger due to this extra clearance, so I like the looks.

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Our cabinets have the light rail built in so we have 18" between the counters and the bottom of the cabs.

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In our old kitchen, the light rail took our height to 16". It was an issue for the Kitchenaid mixer tilting up completely if it wasn't pulled way forward on the counter and also with opening the area to pour water for out coffee maker. In our remodel, our clearance from countertop to the bottom most part of the upper cabinets (we will have a light rail concealed by the door) we will have 18"'s probably less of an issue with the new kitchen because the KA has it's own cabinet and will be used on the island and our coffee maker will be going in behind doors as concealed storage in a pantry type unit.

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Thank you all very much for your responses. Yes, I am short, 5' 1" but as long as I can easily reach the 1st shelf I'll be fine. We are installing all drawers in the lower part of the kitchen and that's where I am planning on storing all the everyday dishes, pots/pans, utensils, etc. and we will have a pantry with roll-outs for dry storage of food items. I anticipate the uppers (at least the 2nd and higher shelves) will be used for less often used items that I can grab the step stool for...or I can call DH who is 6'3". He can reach our 8' ceiling without even standing on his tippy toes!!! I think I will go ahead and raise the cabinets to ensure we have the 18" between counter and bottom of light rail. Thanks again for your help!!!

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My 1930 kitchen has 98-99" high ceilings and I went up to the ceilings with double door cabinets. My upper wall cabinets are 45" high w/ a 2" gap at the ceiling for crown molding. I left a 16 5/16" space between my quartz tops and wall cabinets. Then I applied a 3/4" thick ogee edge light I have about a 15.5" clearance. I LOVE having my upper cabinets a tad much easier to load and unload dishes. My shorty friend came over and was opening doors and remarked...why does your kitchen seem easier to access?

I think in an older looks very fitting. Often times back in the 20s and 30's they only left 12" between.

Here's a picture.

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A closer up view of my light rail. And my mom's 1950's canisters and salt & pepper shakers.

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