Older Miele washer dryer question

potteryladyFebruary 6, 2011

This seems like the place I have seen the most info about older Miele washers and dryers. Miele customer service could help me but I hope someone here can straighten me out. I am considering purchasing a used Miele washer and dryer. The person selling it said it is a Miele Delux Elec Model 1040. Miele customer service said they have no info on that model and to ask the seller to get a model # from the tag on inside of the door. Well, I have asked twice and the seller insists the model is Delux Elec 1040. They were purchased in 1996. Can anyone tell me more about these machines ? I would like to know more about them before I drive 2 hours.

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Is there some reason why they won't give you the model #? Not a good sign, IMO. I'd actually request a close up photo of the number for verification purposes.

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The seller believes that she is giving the correct model # because she is reading what it says on the front exterior of the machine rather than the tag inside the door (as I suggested).The photo shows the machines in a storage area and is not a close up. I don't think a close up photo is possible.

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If Miele says they need the inside number, then I'd try again with the seller if you're really interested. Good Luck.

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If the seller can't do a simple thing like give you the model number from the door label, move on.

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It is not a model number Miele customer service wants, but the serial number. It is printed on the plate located normally near the porthole opening of a washing machine or dryer.

From the serial number Miele can research the history of the particular appliance (past repair history, date of purchase/install, and so forth), as the number is used on all invoices and repair work orders.

IIRC, Miele did not use serial numbers before the 19XX series sold in the United States. My W1070 for instance does not have one, and it took awhile to get Miele customer service to understood Older technicans got,the new/younger ones do not and simply read whatever is printed in front of them in terms of prompting for customer information.

If the seller will or cannot tell you the serial number, simply ask if they will take a digital picture of the plate and email. Just make sure the print is readable.

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Not a model intended for sale in the U.S.?

Verify that it runs on 60Hz not 50Hz.

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dryer model #T1520 MIELE NOVOTRONIC T1520.

Condition: "on" button depressed, program setting applied,'hit' start button - dryer does not operate.
burnt oder occurs.

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60 Hz vs. 50 Hz shouldn't be an issue. I have been using an imported induction cooktop for six years now on 60 Hz that was designed for 50 Hz in a 220/240V environment. I have not had any issues and it works like a charm.

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