Dryer door mishap

madmackerFebruary 13, 2014

Yesterday I spilled some Oops Amazing Remover on my plastic dryer door and now the door and ring around the door have a white haze on them that I can't remove with anything I have tried. Any suggestions for removing this? The price of the new door part is $150 and I'd rather not go that route. Thanks in advance for your help.

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Likely the plastic is damaged by the solvent.

Seems this is an aesthetics issue, not a functionality problem. If the door still works to keep the clothes and heated air in the dryer when it's running and can be opened to remove the clothes when finished, then maybe it's OK to leave as-is. :-)

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We had the same thing happen with ours. No way to remove it--dadoes is right-- the plastic is damaged by the solvent. Only option to get rid of it is to replace the door.

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are u talking about the clear part? if so, you can buff it out. if the painted part, you are SOL.

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